spidey sense

I am not afraid of spiders. Ok, maybe big, thick-legged, hairy ones, but generally they are not on my list of fears. (Worms are another story.) I am in charge of them in my house and I always try not to kill them.

I love Rocky Fiore's mounted webs so much. They're one of my favorite things I have ever carried in the stores. He so clearly has a crazy love for what he does - a real spider nerd. (He calls his gig Whirled Wide Webs! Pretty nerdy. In the best way. No offense.)

Each web is carefully sought out, the spider is never harmed, and they're mounted in a special way that he devised after years of trial and error. And there are details about the species of spider on the back of the plates, for aspiring spider nerds. I've spoken to him and he views the seasons in terms of spider webs.

His work is sublime - the pictures don't do them justice. (available at the bedford location)
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