Katrina LaPenne

I get a trabillion emails from designers showing me what they are up to. There are so many people making great things out there. (Some, not so much. No offense.) One caught my eye the other day and I managed to meet with her. Her jewels are great and she's a local gal, always exciting. Her name, and her line, is Katrina LaPenne and it should be at catbird early next week. Keep your eyes peeled. Stand out pieces include: snakes (I know there are a lot, but these are better than any I've seen) some awesome, small, thorny drop studs,and a great anchor necklace. This girl isn't diggin' through bins in warehouses. She is carvin' it up. A real honest to goodness goldsmith! Oooold timey.

This beautiful claw piece will fill the void that Thorn has left.
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