Suki, Immy, and the Giant Sweater

Suki Waterhouse, photographed for Teen Vogue with her sister Imogen, wears a Sportsmax sweater and a layer of 14k rings from Catbird. 

I'm now in search of the largest, ill-fitting cable knit. And on the opposite end, always seeking quiet jewelry that requires a closer look. 

September, hello there!

Credits: Teen Vogue (top); Vogue (bottom right); Catbird (bottom left)

Neapolitan Trilogy

If the Neapolitan Trilogy by Elena Ferrante were cigarettes, I'd be chain-smoking them. I've got a habit, and I don't want to quit.


Two Silver Swans

Lancôme's new campaign for their iconic serum, Advanced Génifique, has Lupita Nyong'o and Penelope Cruz glooooowing off the page. 

Imagine our excitement when we had the opportunity to send a tiny silver Catbird package to their photo shoot. Shown on Lupita's pinky is a stack of Classic Hammered rings, topped with one Classic Hammered Memory ring. Penelope wears a Tomboy + Classic Hammered mix on her ring finger.

Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Styling by  our favorite lady, Julia Von Boehm 


Meet a Kitten: Sara

In this edition of Meet a Kitten, we get to to spend time with one of our jewelers, Sara. She is the Assistant Manager in the Wedding & Engagement Department, and one of the super rad ladies who make up our jewelry studio. Sara is always decked out in the most amazing ensembles, so I decided to document a week's worth of her OOTD, as well as ask a few questions to the talented lady hand setting our most precious stones.

Job Title:  Assistant Jewelry Studio Manager - Wedding & Engagement Dept. 

Length of Time at Catbird:  2 years

Hometown:  Evanston, IL 

Astrological Sign:  Libra 

What are you reading?: Neil Gaiman's Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances 

Favorite film: Beginners 

Favorite neighborhood hangout: The Meatball Shop on Bedford

Weirdest dream you've ever had: I have really detailed dreams all the time so I always find them weird and interesting.  As a kid I had a series of dreams where a platinum blond dude rode around on a bike and led me and other kids on super hero adventures. 

Staff Pick: Teensy Skull Ring by Bittersweets, I love cute things with a dark slant.

Most vivd childhood memory:  Posing for a picture in my family's apartment building's garden, wearing a kelly green sundress with animals on it.  Seeing the picture helps make that memory so vivid! 

What is your most valued object?: A print that my parents gave me for high school graduation that reads, "If you hold on to the handle, she said, it's easier to maintain the illusion of control. But it's more fun if you just let the wind carry you." I've embraced that idea more and more over the last several years and it's made me a happier person.

Kittens and kittens.

BriaAnne Wills
Steph, who you've probably seen being smiley at the Catbird storefront, was featured recently on a Tumblr we're very excited to learn exists. 

Girls and Their Cats is a project by BriAnne Wills. A new photographer to the city, Brianne was working on a nude series when one of her models brought her cat along. The feline visitor prompted the idea of photographing girls in the city with their cats. Babes and kittens, universally likable and of interest. 

This is Steph above, with her rescue cats Simon and Oliver. Simon and Steph met in a suburban backyard in Michigan. Steph was on tour with her band in Philly when she came across Oliver. For that story, you'll need to ask her!

BriAnne recently shifted her original Tumblr content over to Instagram. You can now follow the ongoing series @girlsandtheircats 


In the Studio with Apoteker Tepe

For perfumer Holladay Saltz, the differentiating core between the meaningful and the material lies in the ability to inject intention, artistry and a little irreverence into the process. Looking past the conventions of the big fragrance players, she composes with rare and natural materials, for a contemplative experience that is unique to each. 

Curious about her approach and one-woman operation, we asked Holladay to give us a glimpse into her new Rhode Island studio, where she conceptualizes and batches her line, Apoteker Tepe. Here's what we found. 

On the path to being a maker.  

I went to art and design school, then onto a stint at a wonderful but short-lived think tank doing research into the future of publishing, then to private-sector tech startups when the bottom fell out of the economy. That was a turning point. Fast-forward to 2013 and I was the creative director for a company whose sole purpose was making toss-away marketing sites that no one, not even the clients, cared about. It felt terrible and frightening, but I came to the conclusion that I needed to jump off the train. I’d been working with fragrance for some time, had always been fascinated by the sense of smell, and I longed to make something with my hands without the use of a screen.

Apoteker was and is a continued exploration. Fragrance and smell are often overlooked as avenues to meaning, but they are incredibly visceral and ancient - nothing affects people in quite the same way, literally, as smell.

Everyone has their own relationship with scent, but there are things Holladay hopes you take away from hers. 

People find meaning in different places at different times, and one of the lovely and terrifying things about putting something subjective into the world is that once it leaves you, you can’t really control it anymore, nor should you try. However, I hope that when someone smells a fragrance I create they are reminded of something they might have forgotten until that moment; I hope it makes them pay attention to something they may not have otherwise noticed. 

She looks for the rare. 

The fragrance industry is extremely old and mostly controlled by a few corporations who manufacture not only ‘fine’ fragrance but everything from detergent to flavors for processed foods. Making real money in fragrance, like most other physical things in the current age, is dependent on volume and consistency. Having volume and consistency means that you cannot use raw materials that are very expensive, and that these materials must also be entirely consistent from batch to batch. The extension of this is that in your average department store fragrance you have almost no natural materials— everything is synthetic. Natural materials are beautiful and complex (there are nearly 500 aroma molecules that make up the smell of a rose), and importantly, variable. They have personalities, and they are not merely the sum of their parts. I think it’s a loss when we no longer know the smell of jasmine or orris, only their reconstituted elements. Being small and independent means I can focus on quality and on uncovering something people may not have experienced before. It also means there is a limit to how much Apoteker can grow, but I completely accept it.

Interestingly enough, Holladay wears fragrance almost exclusively while she is formulating one. Though she still has her favorites, yet to be extracted and bottled! 

There are things I always want to smell: dark wet earth, salt air, and the still, hot interior of old churches in the summer.

Now available at Catbird are three of Apoteker Tepe’s debut scents. Explore here or stop by the shop for a dab. 


Made in America

For the cool, cool, cool of the evening.

Bill Blass, from Gossamer Vintage

xo Leigh


Hi New York Kittens!

Come see us tonight at the #RAFLEA. Our friend Rachel Antonoff is hosting a bazaar with Samantha Pleet, Tavi Gevinson, Peppercotton and yours truly.

Dogs will be available for on-site adoption, and BarkBox will help you pick items for your own box to take home with your furry friend.

So come down to shop, snack, and support!


Portion of sales from the event will be given to Social Tees Animal Rescue. @socialteesnyc

Gingham and gold.

From Vogue:

Photographers burst into the registry office in which the marriage was to take place, reported the UPI, “where they formally asked Brigitte for permission to photograph the ceremony. Brigitte’s brown eyes blazed. She stamped her foot and shouted ‘Non, non, non.’ Then she buried her face in her hands and burst into sobs.”


Surf, Sand, Simplicity.

The latest issue of PORTER Magazine has this beauty in a classic racerback suit, wearing our Hoop Dreams and Ballerina Bracelet. 

What I love about a streamlined suit and gold accents is that it means adding a wrap skirt (or khadi towel!) makes you ready for beach-to-night. As a light vacation packer, I can appreciate. 


14k gold Hoop Dreams
14k gold Ballerina Bracelet

Styled by Morgan Pilcher
Photographed by Chris Colls
Mikoh swimwear

In the Studio with Isa's Restoratives

Though I think our jewelry is always worthy of a closer look, there is one other object in our storefront that elicits an equal curiosity. In a small glass dropper is an amber liquid with a neatly labeled promise, Love Potion. Roll the bottle over and you'll find printed instructions for its use: a potion that entices receiving other's perspective with a sweet and open heart. Take a few drops together on your own and a moment to set your love intention.

The woman behind Love Potion is Brooklyn based herbalist, Isa Brito. Through her organic apothecary line, Isa’s Restoratives, she takes the belief that ritual can promote love and understanding and blends it with her knowledge of plant-based healing. 

“Rituals are important to me, even little ones. They seal intention,” Isa explains. “I started using rose tea as a prelude to challenging conversations in relationships, family, and work…but not everyone wanted to brew roses before a talk, so I made this potion with roses, hawthorn flowers, brandy and local honey. It can be taken as drops directly into the mouth, or added to a bit of water.”

We heard more from Isa on her beginnings and wildcrafted process. 

Meet a Kitten: Jeanette

I could be biased, but I believe that of all the things that make our line unique, the ultimate factor is that it is made right here in our Brooklyn studio by an awesome set of local New York women. Did you ever wonder what went into making the elegant heart ring in your ring stack? New York City born and raised musician Jeanette knows because she just so happens to be one of the eighteen jewelers working out of our Williamsburg studio.

Jeanette and I spent Wednesday afternoon on a sunny bench outside of our favorite taco joint, La Superior. She brought along one of her most treasured items, an acoustic Takamine with photos of her mother pasted on the back, where they're close to her heart as she plays.

Job Title: Jeweler

Length of Time at Catbird: 2 years

Hometown: New York City

Astrological Sign: Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

Current song/album that you have on repeat: Album: Big Mama Thornton With the Muddy Waters Blues Band, 1966

Most vivid childhood memory: Playing in front of my apartment building in Hell's Kitchen with my two older brothers and older sister, as my parents and grandparents sat on the stoop talking to their friends in the neighborhood.

Hidden Talent: I play the acoustic guitar

What are you reading?: Her: A Memoir by Christa Parravani

Favorite film: 13 Tzameti

Most visited/fav neighborhood hangout: MoMA PS1

Cat Eye!

Our Cat Eye mask has long been a favorite and with the early summer light, a way to catch a few extras zzzs.

Two of our favorite illustrators visited the studio this past spring and both pulled the mask to interpret in their own trademark style.

Regina Yazdi

Blair Breitenstein
Plus have you noticed there's something happening with the pups of Instagram?!

ain't no little dog like the one I got #dogsofcatbird

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Tag us in yours! @catbirdnyc

xo, Sriya

Meet a Kitten: Anna

Have you ever called Catbird and heard a cheerful voice greet you on the other end? Or perhaps you had a question about a rad ring, so you shot an email over to us and received a friendly reply. Well, chances are you spoke with our E-Commerce Manager, Anna. 

In the first edition of Meet a Kitten, we take a stroll around the neighborhood with Anna (and her ever-rambunctious chocolate lab Willy) to learn a bit more about her. Ya know, aside from her being a walking encyclopedia of all things Catbird, and all.

Job Title: E-Commerce Manager
Length of Time at Catbird: 3.5 years
Hometown: Pleasantville, NY 
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Current song or album that you have on repeat: Tobias Jesso Jr. "Goon"
Most vivd childhood memory: Motorcycle camping with my dad
Hidden Talent: Grandma dancing
What are you reading?: The Goldfinch, though it's kinda boring and slow... 
Favorite film: The Dreamers
Most visited neighborhood hangout: Lucky Dog or Old Stanley's 
Staff Pick: Sweet Nothing choker, Nova Charka perfume, Russian Caravan incense, Her Diamond Eyes ring, Goe Oil and John Derian Crescent Moon Plate.


Zoë Kravitz - in her most serene form - is stacked up for Flaunt Magazine. And spotted on her left hand is a Catbird classic, our sterling silver Kitten Mitten

Always thrilling to see one of our pieces on a longtime lady crush and Catbird customer, not to mention in the company of such pretty pieces. 


Stylist, Taylor McNeill
Photographer, Zackery Michael
Dress, Dolce & Gabbana

Kitten Mitten also available in 14k yellow and rose gold, and a pavé Supreme

For Nepal

Hi Kittens,

We will be donating a portion of today and tomorrow's sales from both our Bedford Avenue shop and online to the Shikshya Foundation. The funds will be used for immediate disaster relief and long-term rebuilding efforts in Nepal. 


Book Club: A Sport and a Pastime

“She comes to life with a soft exhausted sound, like someone saved from drowning.” - James Salter, A Sport and a Pastime


Painting by Cesar Biojo

Shopgirl: May Picks

Spring splendor has sprung! Which means sundresses and gin fizzes and taking the long way home. And maybe just maybe a new jewel?

Snapped on Sara's studio bench are a few things she has her eye on. Ushering in a new season with a new scent, especially when it comes from Tocca's blood orange hand cream, seems like the right move. But then there's the difficult decision of dark versus light beauty, in the form of our new Maleficent and Seeping Beauty necklace.

A faint sparkle against a sunkissed collar bone and the scent of a Sicilian citrus orchard? Yes to all of the above.

What's on your spring wish list?


Dream Date: C.D.

Kitten with a Camel and a candle.


Lunch Lady: Hot For Teacher

I know your shoes are probably soaked and you almost dropped your phone in a puddle and maybe your $3 bodega umbrella turned inside out AND it's a Monday... but don't worry because I'm about to give you some really good news. Recently, Charlotte, our resident cocktail connoisseur and I had a little lunch date at one of our go-to spots in the neighborhood- The Meatball Shop. Since we were already celebrating lunch time and the end of winter we decided to have a couple cocktails and make some friends. Well, one thing led to another and some secrets started to slip…

Just kidding- I'm insanely nosy and asked a million questions, but either way it turns out that all of the bread they use is from Il Forno Bakery! Right across the Bronx River from where I was born near Castle Hill. Now, I have always always been told that the best bread comes from the Bronx (they say it's something about the water) and while the people sharing this information may be a little biased, I swear once you have some you will totally agree. After hearing this we decided to order some sliders (because sipping Vodka at 12pm can definitely get a little hairy) and found out that all of the beef is also locally sourced from small farms in Pennsylvania.

So much positive information in such a short amount of time- by the end of the meal our casual lunch date had turned into a crash course in ethical eating. How funny to think I've been coming here for years and had no idea they were so environmentally conscious. Pretty fucking rad.

So, here's to good food, great dates and truly amazing neighbors. Cue in our babe Charlotte to tell you more about the much appreciated Moscow Mules they whipped up for us ;-)

<3 Ash

p.s. If sustainable development and responsibly sourced meats are topics that tickle your fancy, The Meatball Shop is currently in the business of slinging books as well as sliders. They've got an entire chapter in The Carnivore's Manifesto and have even partnered up with Heritage Foods USA to get their pork from farmers who vow against growth hormones AND practice fair labor. Just sayin…

P.P.S! Whatever meatballs you get, try them with pesto- it's my favorite.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, I’ve found my match - the Lunch Lady and the Saucer, together forever, in food and drink matrimony. A 1940’s cocktail seemed fitting to celebrate, and Moscow Mules in copper mugs ensued. The reason for the mug is this: copper conducts temperature really well, keeping your drink extra cold (~metal geek knowledge~) and the handle keeps your warm paws away. Here’s how The Meatball Shop does theirs:

11⁄2 oz Brooklyn Republic vodka
1⁄4 oz lime juice
3 oz Regatta ginger beer

Combine vodka and lime juice in copper mug, add ice and top with ginger beer. Squeeze with lime wedge and serve.


The Saucer: Achilles Heel

The phrase “achilles heel” might, by no choice of your own, bring to mind images of Brad Pitt circa 2004 when he had the best beach hair ever (and it’s so perfectly pulled back he’s got to have some butterfly clips in there, right?!) Or maybe it just stuck with me because the movie Troy (a really, really awful interpretation of The Iliad) came out on my birthday and I took my friends to see it and we ate crappy tempura shrimp and I was most definitely wearing gold lip gloss.

If this is a problem for you too, please immediately take yourself to Achilles Heel in Greenpoint. You can swap out a creepy mental association of sweaty dudes covered with fake blood, speaking in terrible British accents (why?! Troy is in Turkey…) for a wood burning fire, Muffuletta, oysters, and a super beautiful bar with the coziest vibes. Full disclosure: the first time I went there, I wore light blue lipstick-- some things don’t change.

The space is gorgeous, tucked away on West Street, and no surprise that it’s another gem in the neighborhood by Andrew Tarlow and Kate Huling. The building itself has a ton of character - the last time it was open pre Achilles Heel was in 1960. All the moldings are original, and there’s a gnarly dagger hanging over the bar that they found taped underneath it when they first moved in - hell yes.

Kea passed me a Lucky Dog, which looked especially wild when it reflected the light that pours in the bar during the day. This is one lucky pup.


1.5 ounce vodka
.75 ounce campari
.75 ounce grapefruit
Shake, salt rim

Lap it up, kittens,
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