Amélie's Parisian Apartment IRL!

Domaine has brilliantly made it possible for us to recreate Amélie's Parisian apartment. I want to note that this includes her pig lamp. 

If I could choose a scent for this bizarre and charming room, I'd go with Blackbird Violet Hour Incense

h/t Domaine 



Hats (and tats) off.

Wow. Kelly Framel (aka The Glamourai) takes styling to a whole new level in this shoot. Those eyebrows, the cornrows, the flash tattoos. I am awestruck.
xo -Rony

Wrapped Up, Blinged Out

Toni Garrn wears the raddest shearling and tweed in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar Germany. And when your outerwear game is this strong, one or two (or five or six!) of your favorite Catbird pieces are really all you need. Plus pants, if you're so inclined.

Pictured in the Rose Thorn necklace and Ballerina Collar (above) and a single golden stack on her middle finger (below). 

Now excuse me, I need to find a hot glue gun and embellish a few things before autumn's arrival.  

Photos by Nagi Sakai for Harper's Bazaar Germany 

Portrait of a Lady

“It’s so peaceful for me here; very calm and very private,” Facchinetti says. “It took me a long time to find this place, and now I never want to leave.”

Let's journey away: a virtual visit to a Milanese apartment.


Alessandra Facchinetti's apartment, from W Magazine

Sleeping Beauty Blue

Hello, weekend plans - I'm looking at you, pajamas and bare feet.


Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue, 1991

Shopgirl: August Picks

Here on Bedford Avenue, we intend to fully soak up the last few weeks of summer. Which means taking any and all opportunities to show off our favorite anklet, Wicked Game. We wear it over silk socks, dangled low with sandals, or just peeking out from under rolled up cigarette pants.

Chelsea's pick for August is the Wicked Game paired with her equally sparkly flats. We admire a girl who can save all bling for the very tip of her outfit!

Chelsea's also the first of us to try the latest addition to #catbirdbeauty. Belmacs Blitz gold leaf eyeshadow has just arrived in the shop! The secret to its shine is that the cream based shadow is enriched with precious metal leaf. Keeping the rest of her face bare, Chelsea layers up to her brow for max sparkle. Belmacs Blitz can also be combined with face cream as a highlighter or used to line the lids. I personally love dabbing on the inner corners of my eyes as an instant way to brighten and fake a few more hours of sleep. 



Peeping Tom

Sublime beauty and the quotidian make the loveliest bedfellows.


photo by Henry Leutwyler from New York Magazine 

Our Month Through Pinterest

Catbird x J.Crew 14k Lovecat

Things that excited and inspired us this month, as seen through our latest pins. Plus a few new baubles! 

1. Catbird x J.Crew has officially arrived! Shop the full collection here.

2. received a sneak peak of our 2015 look book. Read on for stacking tips straight from the set. 

3. Is it just us or do our Tomboy rings and Kitten Mitten seem to glow on mega-babe Kelly Framel of The Glamourai

4. Something about summer just doesn't feel right without an anklet. Luckily, the Wicked Game is now available in our storefront and online. Bring on those sunshiny days. 

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A night at the circus.

We're going to the circus! Cirque de Soleil, that is! What's more amazing than an evening in Brooklyn, seeing people perform seemingly miraculous feats, that they've actually worked so so so hard to achieve?!  We're real big fans of working like the dickens to make the impossible possible. Thanks so much to our pals at Cirque de Soleil for giving us tickets to their magical Verekai show. You can get your own tickets for the Barclay's Center shows right here (Verekai will be at Barclay's from July 30- August 3, tickets start at $45) - see you under the Big Top!

xo Leigh

Vans Girl

I'm completely still in summer mode but this Vans babe with her #catbirdstacks has me a tiny bit excited for cider, flushed cheeks, and perfect plaid sweaters.  



Image c/o Vans Zine - Issue 02 

The Wild (Williamsburg) West

The Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast has opened its doors in Williamsburg and it's an explosion of industrial chic meets the Wild West. 

I think a staycation is definitely in order because I'd very much like to light a Campfire candle and soak in this tub. With a whiskey. 

h/t Domaine


What We Love Today: Bonjour Monsieur Soap.

Oh, to be clean and clever, it's a true gift! Speaking of gifts, pile up a couple of bars, tie with a big fat bow, et FIN. We make it easy.


Bonjour Monsieur soap, available in store and online, $9

Dream Date: Lou Doillon

Dear Lou,

I've Dream Date-ed you before, and I'll Dream Date you again. The light! The camera! The fringe! You're making us kittens purr.


image from Lou Doillon's Instagram

What to Give: 4th of July, beach house edition

We're invited to our friends' house in Asbury Park for this holiday weekend and I am coming equipped with sparklers for everyone and a beach-y candle for our lovely hosts. 
Happy Fourth, Kittens!!

Summer Playlist!

Summer is my favorite time of year! The days are longer, the nights are warm, and it's totally acceptable to eat ice cream as often as you like. Whether you're lounging at the beach, chilling by a pool,  barbecuing in the sun, or cruising around town, there's nothing like a perfect summer soundtrack.

I did a quick poll of the birdettes for their favorite summer tunes and compiled them (along with some of my personal favorites) into a playlist. We hope you use it wisely...aka while you're drinking pina coladas and flirting with summer babes.

Pools and palm trees,

Shopgirl: July Picks

July, the month of escapes to Rockaway, fireworks, beer the color of sunshine and melty ice cream cones. Straight from the shop, our Kittens Jess and Stephanie share their picks for our favorite month. 

Steph's beauty routine is going dark(!) with Rituel de Fille's Forbidden Lipstick in Shadow Self. "This shade to me is a sort of goth summer look, and can be lightened up by layering on top of a peach or pink lip stain." And on the subject of layering, the lingering scent of Summer Solstice bath bar mixed with Nova Chakra parfum is her July calling card. Light florals with Bulgarian rose and hints of tobacco musk and leather--a solid choice for this Brooklyn heat. 

Jess is going with classic rings and simple silhouettes. Check out her golden #catbirdstack: classic hammered ring, twisted stacker, Bittersweet's famous letter ring, diamond baguette, threadbare and opal teardrop. Topped off with a few tomboys and a Bittersweet's Boo ring. Did you catch all of that? Check out our stacking guide for the breakdown. 

And don't forget to share your summer #catbirdstacks with us, tag us at @catbirdnyc 



Happy Early Summer Weekend!!

Before our fair city acquires her very, er... distinctive summer fragrance, she is bathed in the most delightful scent of Linden trees. Right now - very early summer - the smell is everywhere and I find myself deeply inhaling it. This season is sweet, yet oh-so-short, and needs to be appreciated at every turn. 

Have an beautiful weekend everyone!!


Desert Sharks

Our very own, Stephanie, along with her stone cold fox bandmates just released a super bad ass EP today. While we embarrass her by blaring it in the store (and on our iPods on the train), you should give it a listen as well. Template Hair, released via Manimal Records, is available here or in the handy playlist below. You are so welcome for your new girl crush.

Photos by our other birdette Maureen and catman Jeremy.


Weekend Kittens: Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Our Kitten (and studio manager!) Candice attended Coney Island's Mermaid Parade outfitted in the most mystical creation I've possibly ever laid eyes on. A former costume designer, her inspiration came from Luna Park, the recently resurrected theme park notorious for its unlucky history. 

The result is a pretty genius blend of the boardwalk's old-fashioned bathing suits and Luna's illuminated pinwheels, electric towers, and side shows. Amazing. 

Images c/o Getty and New York Magazine 

Maybe She's Born With It

That sorta surreal moment when your Tomboy clad fingers flip to Erin Wasson's Maybelline ad and she happens to be mirroring you in her very own Tomboy. 

Catbird takin' over! 



The light from above.

In which the magic is revealed, the curtain pulled back, and the old and the new waltz happily together to my favorite kind of tune.

Claudia Cardinale, on the set of Visconti's The Leopard, 1963, found via LSD's Pinterest


Book Club: Friday the 13th Edition

It's Friday the 13th, which means we're swapping cocktails for a night in with Black Cats & Evil Eyes by Chloe Rhodes. Under the full Strawberry Moon, you'll find our noses buried in this history of the most widely spread superstitions. From the true power of a swan feather to when crossing your fingers really works, hundreds of beliefs are traced to their origin. 

And in the sprit of good fun, we're pairing this book club session with our Bittersweets 13 Pinky Ring



Black Cats & Evil Eyes available here

What We Love Today: John Derian

Summer is in full swing. We bet you have weddings, birthdays, graduations and many barbecues to attend. Be the best guest and gift the hostess one of these neat John Derian decoupage handmade glass catch-all dishes and trays. 

See all John Derian objects we carry HERE.

- miss anna 

Dream Date: Anna Shechtman

...who published her first crossword in The Times at age 19 and gets to talk to Will Shortz about what is, and is not, a thing. Anna, want to have Sunday breakfast with me?
- Rony

Things That Taste Like Summer

Because today finally felt like a Brooklyn summer -- 80 degrees of heat cooled by an evening rain -- here are a few things that taste like summer: 

1. peach iced tea
2. corner store ice pops, like the one I had today courtesy of Darla
3. photos by Mark Borthwick, whose color and mood bring to mind the mellow days ahead**

** this last one is a case of synesthesia 



Dream Date: Clara Rockmore

Let's make some waaaaa-waaaaa Theremin (or, Theremini!) music together, you, me, and the memory of Clara Rockmore, "premiere artiste of the electronic museum medium." Now, if that's not a dream date, I don't know is. Waaaaa-waaaaaa...


Book Club: The Flame Throwers

Want something that causes you to yearn for hair wildly whipping in the wind on a motorcycle and a distinct slight disgust for men? We found it for you. 


The Baubler

#tbt to two weeks ago, when chief #catbirdette Rony made an appearance on New York Observer's Brooklyn Influentials list. Excitement over the article coining her "The Baubler" was topped only by the company. Athena Calderone and Kate Young? YES! Molly Guy, Alexa Chung, and Chloë Sevigny? Cool, cool. 

It was a girl crush dream of sorts. The end! 


What We're Listening To: Courtney Barnett

I can't take credit for discovering this Aussie babe. I overheard our very own lunch lady, Ash, playing Courtney Barnett in the shop and I swooped in demanding (politely of course) to know who it was. Her playful lyrics and chill vibes make me feel like I should be drinking beers in the sunshine with friends while laying in a hammock. Very specific, I know. But take a listen, you'll have visions of sunny buzzy days in no time.

Here's a video for my favorite track, Avant Gardener, where she talks about gardening, asthma attacks, and smoking bongs:

Listen to her full album, The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas here:

(image via
Love and lounging,


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