Just Do It. Stack 'Em Up!

Beautiful and strong babes wearing Tomboys on the cover of Nike's Holiday 2015 Style Guide.

Styled by Karen Kaiser

Surreally lovely.

Cate Blanchett stars in Tim Walker's telling of The Little Prince in W Magazine, and it is delicious.

xo Leigh

Meanwhile, Not in Brooklyn.

We love how many of you have been tagging us in Catbird found internationally! Catbird now stocks select pieces at Isetan in Japan, Holt Renfrew in Canada, Harvey Nichols in the UK, and Le Bon Marché in Paris. And it all still starts at our South Williamsburg studio

And on that note, we spotted Catbird necklaces on so many beautiful kittens round the world this fall! 

Glamour Iceland, November 2015

Vanity Fair Italia, September 2015

Harper's Bazaar China, December 2015

Interview USA, November 2015


Black velvet and barefoot.

Visualize your lounge time, make it beautiful, and significant. It's a precious thing, the quiet.


Michelle Phillips

In the Studio with Leo Black

“The main inspiration is always the same; I view adornment as a source of strength, compassion, and protection,” Leo notes of her approach. “It's fascinating how different cultures adorn themselves according to their own rituals and belief systems.”Introducing Leo Sachs-Michaels into the designer fold at Catbird was a long time coming. Throughout the development of her debut line, she has also been a part of our 219 Bedford Avenue crew. When Leo was ready to release Leo Black Primary Collection, we were ready to find it an early home.  

With a BFA from Pratt Institute focused in jewelry design and metalsmithing, Leo designs at the intersection of ritual, sustainability, and personal history. Her jewelry often conveys the feeling of a found talisman with considered imperfections. Egyptian burial objects, Catholic artifacts, and Tibetan ceremonial anklets are just three sources that have informed her recent work.

Leo took us inside her South Williamsburg studio, where she shapes brass, horn, bone, leather and gold with equal pleasure. 

"Growing up in the Catskill Mountains, I would take walks in the forest surrounding my childhood home, where I would collect bones and natural artifacts. I remember a time my mother helped me string a small animal spinal column I'd found onto a colorful shoelace. That was the first necklace I ever made."

"I dream of eventually living near Joshua Tree, having a studio out in the desert, and even a horse or two."
"The collection provides bold shapes and powerful animals symbols that I hope the wearer will gain power and bravery from wearing."

Leo Black Primary Collection is now available at catbirdnyc.com and in our Williamsburg storefront. 


We've got you covered.

"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo, lying on the rug. - Little Women

Fear not, Jo! We've got presents. So, so, so many presents.


(still from the delightful 1933 version Little Women starring the great Kate as Jo!)

Behind the Scenes -Silkscreening the Catbird Tote Bags

Our silkscreen printer Filip Z at Joker Ink sent me this video the other day of our sweet signature Catbird tote bags in production at his studio in Beacon, New York.  It's so cool to see the process and all of those totes rolling out at the end!

Mermaid undies.

I'm very interested in wearing these under my winter sweatpants.

xo Leigh (public confessor of underwear desires)

Book Club: Goodbye to All That

Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York was a perfect beginning of Fall read. I dare say anything that uses Joan Didion as a muse would be. I want to make it clear that none of us have the intention of leaving our cozy nook of Williamsburg anytime soon (or like ever), but reading other writers' love stories with New York and occasionally the regretful end of their affairs with the city really re-romanticized this jungle for this one kitten.

PS. This read pairs with a Manhattan... obviously.


image found on pinterest

Dream Date: Bed

Have I blogged this image before? Surely!
Will I blog it again? Surely!


Kirsten Dunst in bed as Marie Antoinette via BRRCH Floral's Instagram 

You're Invited!

Kittens! We're celebrating Autumn in New York tonight with all of you! 

Come see us at the Catbird Wedding Annex for treats + sips + a few surprises. 


Coming soon! We hope!

Something new is arriving, once the truck makes it's way to us from Elizabeth, New Jersey (any day now! we've been waiting! peering out the windows at the Cat Cave!) but until then, a little tease, over at our Autumn in New York Pinterest board, a little something to get you in the mood for our love.


Meron & Kelsey in Watercolor

A few of the artists we met this year have sent us illustrated renditions of our jewelry. Each one shows the face of Catbird through the artist's visual signature, which is why we keep many of them pinned up in our studio as a reminder of how much creative talent we're surrounded by. Artist Ellie Benuska recently did two watercolors for us based on our Fall 2015 lookbook. We love how perfectly she mimicked Meron and Kelsey's on-set personas. 

Ellie is a fashion assistant at Vogue by day, and illustrates off-duty. Her portraits can be seen @elliedujour

And Catbird's latest lookbook can be viewed here!


I found Cinderella's slippers.

I'm very interested in throwing a full sweat suit and slipping my feet into Cinderella's slippers and taking my chihuahua for a morning neighborhood stroll.

slip-ons by Rochas at Maryam Nassir Zadeh


Slinkster cool.

We're working on a new something that will pair beautifully with this louche Balenciaga get up. Stay tuned!

xo Leigh

from Vogue.com

In the Studio with Captain Blankenship

We all have our beauty rituals and mine tend to lean towards the indulgent. Enter: face masks! When your schedule (or wallet, or both) doesn't allow for facials, masking is undeniably the next best thing. And it falls under indulgent behavior because it's a reason to sit perfectly still and quiet, beverage in hand, and maybe a hot towel in hair. 

My new mask is from Catbird's longtime friend Jana Blankenship. You've heard about her from us before, under her magic-brewing alias Captain Blankenship. Through her namesake apothecary line, created in the Hudson Valley region, Jana makes organic products with lush, natural scents and luxurious ingredients. 

Jana recently released the Mermaid Detox Face Mask. Open the jar and you're in a kelp and seaweed soaked world, but one that's mixed with the scent of floral essential oils. "I really wanted to introduce masks to the line and had been planning for a long time on a seaweed and french green clay based mask, but kept refining it until it became the powerful Mermaid Detox Mask, " explains Jana of her early experiments. "I was really excited to add in the organic Matcha tea, which helps fight inflammation and rejuvenates skin cells." 

So what's in this little glass jar exactly? The mix of bladderwrack, kelp and spirulina is the mineral blend that draws out your skins impurities. Add in powdered nettles and you have an antioxidant astringent to smooth and tone your skin's surface. And french green clay to firm and inject a glow. At home, I pour two table spoons into a small dish, sprinkle in water and paint on a generous layer with my fingertips. 

When Jana isn't working alongside her 3-person crew in a studio overlooking the mountains, she's exploring her upstate backdrop. She made a list of her favorite places, for a kitten's weekend escape from NYC! 

p.s. Pack your Mermaid Mask


HOTEL The Graham & Co is a really cool hotel in beautiful Phoenicia. It is right near the Esopus River where you can go tubing and cool off, plus they have a nice pool. Phoenicia is very cute and has great food, including the cult Phoenicia Diner. They also put on an incredible event called the Phoenicia Flea several times a year that Captain Blankenship has participated in. 

RESTAURANT: The Corner at the Hotel Tivoli. It is my favorite. It is in a beautiful inn with decor that is 80s amazing, so bright and celebratory. The farm to table food and cocktails are on par with the best in NYC. 

CAFE Karma Road in New Paltz. Great vegan cafe with delicious prepared foods, juices and smoothies. The vegan pizza is a favorite. Perfect on your way to/from hiking! 

FARMER'S MARKET The Westwind Orchard in Accord is the place to go for organic apples and the best pizza in the Hudson River Valley. Laura and Fabio who run the orchard are the sweetest and everything about their property is magical. They are starting to screen movies outside on Saturday nights. 

HIKING TRAIL I have so many favorites! This summer, since I am very pregnant, I have been wanting a short hike and a swim. I have been making almost daily pilgrimages to Minnewaska State Park and the Peter's Kill Trail, which ends in a beautiful little waterfall that my daughter calls the "swimming pool." 


Gucci girl of my dreams.

Dress me up in this dress, seven days a week.

Gucci S/S 2016 image via Vogue.com


Weekend Plans with Ashkahn x Catbird

Going to lay in the park this weekend in a blanket fortress filled with wine, books, and our new Ashkahn x Catbird stationery. 

Could there be a more quintessential card for everyone you love? Silverlake based artist  Ashkahn Shahparnia created this paper wonder just for us and we have plans to fill many with our words. 


sold individually, blank inside. 

Meet a Kitten; Jasmine W

In this week's edition of Meet a Kitten, we step into the Bed-stuy loft of Jasmine. When Jasmine isn't at the Catbird storefront, she's working out of her home studio to make the most beautiful and intricately hand-dyed silks. 

Upon first entering, Jasmine's cat, Simon Guacamole, greets me at the door. He seems to be fixated on striking poses with the feline themed cards from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. I guess he knows they share his kindred spirits. 

Jasmine tells me that she shares the space with two roommates, one of whom has built a fish and turtle pond which trickles like a fountain underneath a converted tree house (that's right, an actual tree house). We pass through her work area filled with colorful fabric and textile tools, stopping to get a closer look at her work. Then Jasmine, who is wearing a shirt that she hand dyed herself, leads me towards her room which is a treasure trove of sparkling tchotchkes as well as vintage and handmade silks that hang from the wall and ceilings. There are white and gold porcelain unicorns, soft glistening miniature conch seashells, a string of white lights and beauty products by Kypris, Belmacs, and Ilia.

Job Title: Sales Associate
Length of Time at Catbird: 6 months
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Astrological Sign: Double Leo, Pisces Moon
Current song/album that you have on repeat: Song: Jasmine by Jai Paul (narcissistic I know, but it's a great subway wake-up song!) 
Album: The Moon Rang Like A Bell by Hundred Waters
Most vivid childhood memory: Getting yelled at in the mall because I crawled into the window to see if a fern was real. It was fake!
Hidden Talent: It's a secret!
What are you reading?:  Currently attempting Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs
Favorite film: It's a toss-up between Children of Men and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet, both feature great Radiohead songs
Most visited/fav neighborhood hangout: Doris in Bed-stuy, I'm a sucker for good lighting!
Coolest Dream you've ever had: That my whole family was magical
Most valued object: A leather journal of quotes and poems that my dad collected when he was younger

Jasmine's line is called OrjasmicFabric, check it out!



A real New York story.

Working on a new project, thinking about an old favorite, The Cricket in Times Square.


In the Studio with Shiva Rose

With the first jar of Shiva Rose glow balm that arrived at Catbird, we all fell hard. Not an easy thing given our varied preferences, and general desire to keep our beauty routines uninterrupted until the next truly special thing comes along. 

Against ivory packaging is a single rose traced in watercolor shades of pink and embossed gold - the prettiest teaser to what’s inside. You first note the scent, both distinctly and subtly rose. Rosehip seed oil, shea butter, and coconut oil at the base creates the smooth texture, which can be applied generously for a dew glow, or sparingly as a sheer highlighter against the collar and cheekbones. 

Iranian-born, LA-based naturalist Shiva Rose, whose name is almost too perfectly aligned with her nature to really even mention, created her line of rose oil based apothecary after a bigger personal shift. “I truly made the natural world a priority seven years ago after a few life changes. I was getting a divorce, raising two daughters, overcoming health issues and needed to get closer to simplicity and to the earth. When we strip ourselves bare and get into the wilderness we become closer to the source of all things and therefore our souls,” Shiva explains of her found connection to nature. 

For now, her Santa Monica home serves as her studio, where she creates the alchemy for her line. “I am meeting with some organic labs as my line expands, and hopefully will be able to collaborate with one,” she says of plans for growth. Though she’s a team of one in her studio, when it comes to sourcing her botanicals and oils, Shiva is careful to nurture the right relationships. “ This is so vital to me, to know the farmers who grow my ingredients.”

We asked for a peek at what’s to come, because we were really curious but mostly because we’re fast approaching the bottom of our first glow balm jars. “I am using some secret ingredients that were used by Cleopatra and an Asian Empreses. I cannot wait to reveal the ingredients to you. I suppose this will be my dream apothecary,” Shiva says of a new cleanser and eye cream out this fall. 

In the meantime, Shiva's blog The Local Rose is updated daily with recipes, stories, tips, and products that embrace mindful living. And Shiva Rose Glow Balm is now available at Catbird.



From Belle

A Catbirdette, as seen by Argentinian illustrator Belle Kröl on a particularly sleepless night.


Brooklyn Rive Gauche

Parisian kittens, we arrive tomorrow!

Famed Left Bank department store Le Bon Marché debuts their Brooklyn Rive Gauche exhibit from September 3rd through October 17th. Spanning the entirety of their space, 100 Brooklyn made brands across ready-to-wear, leather goods, home decor, jewelry, and speciality foods have been imported for the occasion. 

What exactly does this mean? Baggu totes, McClure's Pickles, Catbird stacks and Ulla Johnson blouses in one trés chic exhibit!

Always exciting to be seen as part of the collective Made in New York identity, and especially flattering to have it interpreted through the lens of our second favorite city. :) 

Don't forget to tag us @catbirdnyc if you spot our rings and things at Le Bon Marché this fall. 


Suki, Immy, and the Giant Sweater

Suki Waterhouse, photographed for Teen Vogue with her sister Imogen, wears a Sportsmax sweater and a layer of 14k rings from Catbird. 

I'm now in search of the largest, ill-fitting cable knit. And on the opposite end, always seeking quiet jewelry that requires a closer look. 

September, hello there!

Credits: Teen Vogue (top); Vogue (bottom right); Catbird (bottom left)

Neapolitan Trilogy

If the Neapolitan Trilogy by Elena Ferrante were cigarettes, I'd be chain-smoking them. I've got a habit, and I don't want to quit.


Two Silver Swans

Lancôme's new campaign for their iconic serum, Advanced Génifique, has Lupita Nyong'o and Penelope Cruz glooooowing off the page. 

Imagine our excitement when we had the opportunity to send a tiny silver Catbird package to their photo shoot. Shown on Lupita's pinky is a stack of Classic Hammered rings, topped with one Classic Hammered Memory ring. Penelope wears a Tomboy + Classic Hammered mix on her ring finger.

Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Styling by  our favorite lady, Julia Von Boehm 


Meet a Kitten: Sara

In this edition of Meet a Kitten, we get to to spend time with one of our jewelers, Sara. She is the Assistant Manager in the Wedding & Engagement Department, and one of the super rad ladies who make up our jewelry studio. Sara is always decked out in the most amazing ensembles, so I decided to document a week's worth of her OOTD, as well as ask a few questions to the talented lady hand setting our most precious stones.

Job Title:  Assistant Jewelry Studio Manager - Wedding & Engagement Dept. 

Length of Time at Catbird:  2 years

Hometown:  Evanston, IL 

Astrological Sign:  Libra 

What are you reading?: Neil Gaiman's Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances 

Favorite film: Beginners 

Favorite neighborhood hangout: The Meatball Shop on Bedford

Weirdest dream you've ever had: I have really detailed dreams all the time so I always find them weird and interesting.  As a kid I had a series of dreams where a platinum blond dude rode around on a bike and led me and other kids on super hero adventures. 

Staff Pick: Teensy Skull Ring by Bittersweets, I love cute things with a dark slant.

Most vivd childhood memory:  Posing for a picture in my family's apartment building's garden, wearing a kelly green sundress with animals on it.  Seeing the picture helps make that memory so vivid! 

What is your most valued object?: A print that my parents gave me for high school graduation that reads, "If you hold on to the handle, she said, it's easier to maintain the illusion of control. But it's more fun if you just let the wind carry you." I've embraced that idea more and more over the last several years and it's made me a happier person.

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