Empty Fields

Gucci pink, deep emerald, and that 14k Catbird ear cuff we love so much.

For her pretty pout, try Lilac Rouge.


Styled by Ali Pew
Catbird ear cuff
Gucci blouse
losselliani earring 
InStyle, March 2016

So Bright.

Blink and you'll miss it, that's a sterling silver Plain Chain on this kitten. Our barely there necklace brought me to this page in Harper's Bazaar, but it's her feathered bun, glossed lids, and tank layered under the most elaborately beaded Saint Laurent that has me like whoah.


styled by Tom Van Dorpe

This Girl's Life

 We love Astrid Mai Dahl's intimate, luminous instagram.


Catbird Neighborhood Favs: Cheese Grotto

Imagine on a cold winter night when all you want to do is snuggle up on the couch with a hot toddy and a warm blanket watching endless Neflix you instead decide to attend a cheesemaking workshop. Now you might ask I enjoy eating cheese, but can I enjoy making it? I asked myself this question as I dragged my stiff legs into jeans and threw my oversized fleece-lined coat on. I've attempted making cheese on multiple occasions and have always failed. I was very doubtful that I would have success at this workshop, but kept up hope since it allowed for me to get my mind and body off of my couch.

Jessica Sennett, the president of Cheese Grotto, does a fantastic job of entertaining you during and after the workshop. She teaches you how to make a quick and easy cheese such as ricotta and ends with gifting you a delicious brick of cheese salted with spices of your choosing. If your mouth doesn't water from the smell of the cheese it sure will by the taste. 

Jessica teaches a fellow cheesemaker student

Cheese Grotto offers workshops all around Brooklyn, but has a home stop at 61 Local in Cobble Hill where they also offer coursed dinners. They have cheese and cocktail pairings at Industry City Distillery for those residing near or in Sunset Park. Get up and go outside (of your couch) this winter and explore with a cheesemaking workshop. The workshop turned out to be a success for me and helped me to cure some of my winter blues.

Book Club: Longing for Carla

"Two telephone calls with Carla. Beautiful moon. Wanted to walk under it with Carla but she couldn't."

Written on Friday June 14th, 1946 in a travel diary belonging to a unnamed gentlemen traveling through Japan. Don't worry guys, he went to a tea ceremony with Carla later in the week.


Catbird / Valentine 2016

We shot a really special campaign this past weekend with our friend Lauren. A little peek for you kittens, and more to come through February.


photography by Maureen Peabody 

Kiss of the Spiderweb Lace Woman

I want to slip this over our boy shorts, pair with a hoodie and loads of jewels, and wear all winter long.


Nina Ricci black lace skirt 

Just like a woman.

The color between dove and oyster grey and softest mint is a delicious place to be.

Image via Molly Goddard's Instagram.


In the Studio with Satomi Kawakita

Satomi Kawakita’s Tribeca atelier is a pretty perfect extension of her jewelry. Both her work and environment make use of warm colors blended with organic texture and geometric shapes. In a room supported by exposed brick walls and beams, under architectural lights, sits an oval shaped mid-century sofa and marble table. Every detail down to the leather serving coasters has a touch of Satomi’s hexagonal trademark. “I really like making and finding beautiful things; my heart beats for these things and those moments,” explains Satomi. “Even at home with friends, I like to cook for them and serve with the beautiful tableware that I have been collecting over time.” 

Over the past 5 years, Satomi has filled Catbird with her stone and shape compositions, and adorned countless brides with their own Hexagon Ring, designed to stack in a manner of self expression. We chatted with Satomi on her beginnings, what she’s excited to be experimenting with, and of course our mutual favorite topic of conversation, food!

You’ve been working and designing in New York since 2008. What led you to this point?  

I graduated from Art College in Kyoto, Japan with a major in living product design. I studied not only design itself, but also how to work with and embrace different materials. In that time, I worked with wood, metal, ceramic and textile. But after watching a program on TV one day, really fell in love with the art of glass blowing and decided I needed to explore it. I began to take classes at a local studio in Osaka while still in school. Doing glassblowing for five years made me realize that I was more comfortable working on a smaller scale, with more detailed pieces, at my own pace. I started making some accessories with glass beads and found I couldn't find clasps on the market that suited the design. I thought it would be nice if I could make it myself; that's how my interest in jewelry making started. 

What was the first piece you made that really took off?

It would have to be my Hexagon Ring. The geometric shape is timeless and resonates with a lot of people, it's our signature. The turning point was definitely my exposure on the former blog Unruly Things, written by Alyson Brown. She introduced some of my rings on her blog at the end of August 2010 and changed my world. That, and the day Catbird started carrying my line. Both of those 2 moments happened in late 2010 and my life has never been the same since. 

Describe your work in 3 words. 

Organic, delicate, simple.

Are you experimenting with any new designs? 

I’ve been trying to make an Eternity Band with Pearls. I’ve been experimenting and trying this for years now, but haven't been entirely satisfied with the end result.  I’m not sure if I can make this happen, but let’s see, I'm tenacious. My design approach has not changed for years and I don't think it will. My line has always been designs I, myself, would wear: organic, yet timeless. But I am always looking for new materials and something fun to work with like our One-of-a-Kind series.  
 Who would you most like to see Satomi Kawakita on? 

My grandmother who passed away in 2013 at the age of 100. I always wanted to make a ring for her, as the Opal ring my grandpa gave her got too loose on her skinny finger. Unfortunately, though, it never happened.

Browsing Satomi’s Instagram, you’re bound to be as mesmerized by the pastries as you are by the gems. We had to end our interview with Satomi’s Top 5 food picks in the city. 

Burrow, #1, of course. Ayako is an amazing artist and a great friend of mine. Not to mention the pastries are delicious. 

Kajitsu and Brushstroke for dinner. I go there when I need to treat myself well. 

The French Toast from Ladurée.

I go to Hanamizuki, often, to get rice balls.


What We're Giving: Anna

Anna is surprising her BFF with Leo Black Serpent Studs and a Rodin Lip Balm Ring, tucked into our new Swan Pouch and finished with a white ribbon. Anna wins at Santa this year! This concludes What We're Giving!


What We're Giving: Catherine

"My goal for this holiday season is to give the dreamiest gifts  a marble journal, tiny dancer studs, and a print with a magical Virginia Woolf quote." - C


The love below.

What rings do you think are hiding beneath her kid gloves?

detail of a Anton Raphael Mengs painting via The Blue Bed


What We're Giving: Rony

Rony picks our new French Girl Sea Polish for her sister. “It has a real wake-me up quality that I love. AND it makes your skin feel like silk!” 

Pair it with the Tarot Deck travel candle and you are basically delivering the ultimate night in. 


What We're Giving: Laura

Laura is sending her mom mini notebooks to toss in her purse while wedding planning. She’s getting married in the spring! And because they live on opposite coasts and because she’s the best mom ever, Laura also picked out the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst. “I like the idea of both of us having the same nighttime ritual.” 


What We're Giving: Sam

Sam is giving her sister-in-law, a teacher, things that will make her classroom feel personal this school year. A candle with a reading list inside the lid, desk calendar, and one of our favorite ring dishes - suitable for really any bobs and bits. 


What We're Giving: Sriya

Mailing my mom a little box ahead of my flight home. Her parents gave her a gold bell bracelet when she graduated from med school and she never takes it off. I think our Sweet Nothing will layer nicely with it. And when you finally find that perfect pink, it's only right to spread the cheer. And finally, she loves to snooze as much as I do. 


What We're Giving: Leigh

I need to join Leigh's girl gang asap!  

"This year I'm giving them a Ghost Rose candle and rose gold Threadbare, tied up with big black velvet ribbon from my personal velvet ribbon supply. And a little love letter, written on our Strange and Beautiful card.” - L 


Meet a Kitten: Jasmine K

Last month I took the ferry over to Staten Island to visit our jeweler Jasmine and her daughter Daisy at their home. Jasmine is such a sweet and gentle soul with so many talents outside of jewelry design. She creates embellished ornaments and illustrations, and even started up a free community library in miniature form! 

Title: Jeweler
Time at Catbird: 4 Years
Hometown: Brunswick, ME 
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Current song/album on repeat
While You Were Sleeping by Elvis Perkins/The Beach Boys Pet Sounds. We found this amazing clip of songs from the album being broken down, recorded, and played in full. The editing is so great!
Most vivd childhood memory:  
Taking the old velvet upholstered trains through the Japanese countryside to visit my grandparents, and seeing the landscape change from rice fields to lily filled mountainsides. 
Hidden Talent: 
I love making tiny paper cranes, and sometimes leave them in random places.
Currently reading:
Bill Bryson’s Notes From A Small Island 
Favorite film:  
Any Studio Ghibli film, they are just so beautiful and remind me of my childhood.
Most visited neighborhood hangout: 
We moved to Staten Island last October, and I am quite a homebody so I’d say my backyard! There’s also a lovely farmer's market near the ferry that we like to go to on Saturdays.
Coolest dream: 
I had a vivid dream of walking in a park around a small lake and the flower petals were falling all over. The most beautiful and vibrant colors of pink and fuchsia. I’d never had a dream that was so colorful before, and haven't since either!
Staff Picks: 
Bittersweets NY Pinky Club Ring I need to get one that says Daisy!
All Seeing Googly Eye and  Genie Lamp Necklace, not to toot my own horn. (From Jasmine's very own line Tiny Saru)
Most valued object: My grandfather’s boat that we sunk into the backyard and filled with flowers. I look out on it from the house every morning and it gives me a peaceful start to the day. Like meditating...

Just Do It. Stack 'Em Up!

Beautiful and strong babes wearing Tomboys on the cover of Nike's Holiday 2015 Style Guide.

Styled by Karen Kaiser

Surreally lovely.

Cate Blanchett stars in Tim Walker's telling of The Little Prince in W Magazine, and it is delicious.

xo Leigh

Meanwhile, Not in Brooklyn.

We love how many of you have been tagging us in Catbird found internationally! Catbird now stocks select pieces at Isetan in Japan, Holt Renfrew in Canada, Harvey Nichols in the UK, and Le Bon Marché in Paris. And it all still starts at our South Williamsburg studio

And on that note, we spotted Catbird necklaces on so many beautiful kittens round the world this fall! 

Glamour Iceland, November 2015

Vanity Fair Italia, September 2015

Harper's Bazaar China, December 2015

Interview USA, November 2015


Black velvet and barefoot.

Visualize your lounge time, make it beautiful, and significant. It's a precious thing, the quiet.


Michelle Phillips

In the Studio with Leo Black

“The main inspiration is always the same; I view adornment as a source of strength, compassion, and protection,” Leo notes of her approach. “It's fascinating how different cultures adorn themselves according to their own rituals and belief systems.”Introducing Leo Sachs-Michaels into the designer fold at Catbird was a long time coming. Throughout the development of her debut line, she has also been a part of our 219 Bedford Avenue crew. When Leo was ready to release Leo Black Primary Collection, we were ready to find it an early home.  

With a BFA from Pratt Institute focused in jewelry design and metalsmithing, Leo designs at the intersection of ritual, sustainability, and personal history. Her jewelry often conveys the feeling of a found talisman with considered imperfections. Egyptian burial objects, Catholic artifacts, and Tibetan ceremonial anklets are just three sources that have informed her recent work.

Leo took us inside her South Williamsburg studio, where she shapes brass, horn, bone, leather and gold with equal pleasure. 

"Growing up in the Catskill Mountains, I would take walks in the forest surrounding my childhood home, where I would collect bones and natural artifacts. I remember a time my mother helped me string a small animal spinal column I'd found onto a colorful shoelace. That was the first necklace I ever made."

"I dream of eventually living near Joshua Tree, having a studio out in the desert, and even a horse or two."
"The collection provides bold shapes and powerful animals symbols that I hope the wearer will gain power and bravery from wearing."

Leo Black Primary Collection is now available at catbirdnyc.com and in our Williamsburg storefront. 


We've got you covered.

"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo, lying on the rug. - Little Women

Fear not, Jo! We've got presents. So, so, so many presents.


(still from the delightful 1933 version Little Women starring the great Kate as Jo!)

Behind the Scenes -Silkscreening the Catbird Tote Bags

Our silkscreen printer Filip Z at Joker Ink sent me this video the other day of our sweet signature Catbird tote bags in production at his studio in Beacon, New York.  It's so cool to see the process and all of those totes rolling out at the end!

Mermaid undies.

I'm very interested in wearing these under my winter sweatpants.

xo Leigh (public confessor of underwear desires)

Book Club: Goodbye to All That

Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York was a perfect beginning of Fall read. I dare say anything that uses Joan Didion as a muse would be. I want to make it clear that none of us have the intention of leaving our cozy nook of Williamsburg anytime soon (or like ever), but reading other writers' love stories with New York and occasionally the regretful end of their affairs with the city really re-romanticized this jungle for this one kitten.

PS. This read pairs with a Manhattan... obviously.


image found on pinterest

Dream Date: Bed

Have I blogged this image before? Surely!
Will I blog it again? Surely!


Kirsten Dunst in bed as Marie Antoinette via BRRCH Floral's Instagram 

You're Invited!

Kittens! We're celebrating Autumn in New York tonight with all of you! 

Come see us at the Catbird Wedding Annex for treats + sips + a few surprises. 


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