Hi Williamsburg kittens, you early girls of Catbird! In creating a special candle for our 10th year, you alone were our muse. In your busted tee and ballet flats, with your affinity for delicate jewels, the ones you prefer to buy yourself. The way you sneak cigarettes outside of your window and wear your mother's old trench coat. 

And to everyone who has joined us since, Kitten is our thank you to you too. We hope you enjoy this bottled up piece of our favorite neighborhood. We can't wait to show you more of the special things we've made to celebrate this milestone and you. Our hope is that some pieces will surprise you and that a few you've been waiting for. 

Coming this November. 


Kitten Candle is a limited edition, available online and in store now. Notes of musk, amber, and hand-picked violets. 

In the Studio with Butter

There's something new at Catbird, a bottled liquid the color of golden straw. I was curious when I first spotted it on Leigh’s desk, as I am with most things that land there. Here's what I learned. 

Butter is the brainchild of Lorenza, Jared and Tony — three friends and devout yogis who set out to create something through a shared passion for holistic healing and modern design. They launched last spring with their first product, Butter Elixir. The idea behind the essential oil goes back to the trio's yogic philosophy. The application is meant to be a pure and simple ritual without distraction, keeping the focus on beauty and integrity. It's an idea I welcome given the endless balms, oils, moisturizers, and creams that make an overly complicated promise. 

I spoke to Tony, who broke down the elixir's key blend of four oils for me.

We knew we wanted something with rose because rose has the highest vibration out of all the essential oils. It acts as an astringent, tightening and firming the skin, and has been used as an anti depressant for many years. We then added in rosehip oil for its vitamin A & C and argan oil because it’s packed with vitamin E. Apricot kernel oil acts as a nice base because it’s a dry oil that still retains moisture, making it ideal for the face.

The best way to apply Butter Elixir? Tony recommended I try six drops applied to a clean face. My skin instantly absorbed the oil and all of its vitamins, with only a sheer glow and the faintest scent of rose left on the surface. The elixir can also be used on hair and nails, or added to a warm bath for stress relief. 

We're now carrying Butter Elixir in our shop and online. For more from Butter, check out their Tumblr


Lorenza, Jared, and Tony 

Dancing Swans

What a delight, on this beautiful fall Monday, to stumble across these mesmerizing images.

The Swans by Lar Rattray, via Miss Moss.

(Our own, more static Swans, can be seen here.)

Secret Sharer

We've got a small just might want to quick visit our Instagram tonight!

xo Leigh

image by Studio Manasse

Shortcuts and Shortcake

Epicurious, Victoria Pearson

I've had Royal Rose's Lavender-Lemon syrup on my bar cart for months, without a floral-infused cocktail in mind. But it came in handy last weekend when I accidentally made a very, very dry vanilla cake and lost all motivation to frost it.

I took a half cup of Royal Rose, mixed in two more tablespoons of lemon juice, and a handful of blueberries. This was spooned over each slice of cake, with a few more berries as garnish.

You can make a better version of what I just very vaguely described using this Epicurious recipe. Skip the second part of the instructions, which calls for a homemade syrup, and follow the steps from above. Here's to mess ups!


WATG x Catbird Giveaway!

We made a sweater! Our friends at Wool and the Gang a.k.a the coolest girls in knitting helped us design this oh-so-cozy and perfectly chunky wool number. Emblazoned with 'Kitten' across the front, we think it'll make a fine addition to any kitten's winter rotation. 

And though we really want to keep it, what better way to celebrate a one-of-a-kind than with a giveaway? Along with our custom WATG x Catbird sweater, one lucky winner will also receive a set of three stacking rings from our house collection: a Mignon Memory ring, Threadbare, and Lovecat. 

Enter here for your chance to win. Good luck, kittens!

In the Studio with Goest

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Jacqueline Steele's narrative scents are comparable to the most vivid vignettes. She is a purveyor of stories, moments in place and time that are preserved through her fragrance house, Goest. For instance, Dauphine is a scent inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette not in that it’s reminiscent of the ill-fated queen herself but because of the layered notes that encapsulate a scene from Coppola's film: rose-water pastries with cream, powder and soap on skin, an abundance of fully bloomed roses. 

We’re thrilled to now offer four scents from the Goest library, both in the tiny beauty corner of our Bedford shop and online. Available in classic square cut mini flacons, they can be tossed into a clutch as a travel go-to, or tied to a handwritten note as a teensy and perfect present. 

Catbird caught up with Jacqueline recently to hear more on running a one-woman fragrance house, how she found her start, and the most memorable custom fragrance she’s created.

Pajama Game

Catbird's resident nightgown enthusiast (moi) has her eye on this # by Undercover.


image from NY MAG

We Have Arrived! (Our Annex, That Is)

It's official, we've landed on Driggs! No no, it's not a move. Our little storefront remains happily ever after at 219 Bedford. But follow the scent of a burning Fig Leaf candle two blocks north, and you'll find yourself at 540 Driggs Avenue, home of Catbird Wedding Annex. It's an intimate place we created especially for seekers of shimmering stones and golden bands

Picture this: we designed the space as a room for three - you, your other half, and an expert Catbirdette. A crystal ship chandelier and a neon sign - Oh My Stars - dances light across worn wood floors. Smokey stones set in rose gold, roughly-hewn bands, and instant heirlooms line dove-grey cabinets with gilded knobs. A black and white of Jane and Serge hangs tacked to a corner wall.

Through the year, we'll also be unveiling exclusive designs from both our favorite jewelers and our own studio. We can't wait to show you new pieces here first. xo. 

Catbird Wedding Annex is open Sat and Sun, 10 to 6 pm. Fridays by appointment.

Connect with us at to schedule your complimentary ring consultation.

Smart, Sexy Kittens

Cat's Meow and Purrfect Ring, $318.00

Hortense, our very favorite French jeweler, has created a set of coquettish pieces exclusively for Catbird. Channeling the sensibility of the French woman, who is equal parts demure and playful, our new rings and single studs are a come hither solidified in gold. A flash of Meow when you tuck your hair behind your ear, and a low Purr glinting on your finger. 

Every piece is handmade in Los Angeles, in 14k solid rose gold. Online meow


Cat's Meow and Purrfect Stud, $154.00 (single)


If you ever thought that there was maybe a method to Bill Murray's particular form of Zen, Vulture has organized it into an easy to digest list! And at the risk of sounding like a book review cliché,  it really is surprisingly poignant. 

"So what’s it like to be me? You can ask yourself, What’s it like to be me? You know, the only way we’ll ever know what it’s like to be you is if you work your best at being you as often as you can, and keep reminding yourself: That’s where home is."

Read on for some positive Monday vibes, Kittens! 7 Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life 

h/t Vulture


Autumn Sweater

A short study on how to be pouty, nonchalant, and beautiful.


Shopgirl: September Picks

Leo is our resident engagement ring expert, and also a newly engaged Kitten herself! Today she shares with us her power pinky stack, which treads perfectly between delicate and tough. 

At the base is a Bittersweets Evil Eye ring, followed by a gold Tomboy, Bittersweets Teensy Skull Ring, another gold Tomboy and capped with a hint of color found in Claire Kinder's Turquoise Pip Ring. Leo adds in one last punch of gold at the very top with a Tomboy first knuckle ring. 

And where do these beauties sleep at night? On a Crescent Moon plate by decoupage genius John Derian, of course. 

To make a wedding consultation with Leo, send a note to


Shannon Getting Married

We love the unexpected, especially as it applies to a unique bauble. This duo of rings that our lovely customer Shannon chose for her upcoming nuptials - and the sweet note she sent us after her visit - left our hearts feeling a bit full. 

Shannon and her fiancée chose the Elisa Solomon Anna Karenina Ring layered with the Bittersweets Marquise Twig Ring.



Moonsong by our Songbird

One of the amazing things about working at Catbird is being around beautiful, talented, and inspiring women. One of them being Ms. Victoria Reed. Her new music video for "Moonsong" just graced us with its presence and I'll tell you a secret... more than a couple Birdettes are in it. Her sultry voice, sweet dance moves, and those icy blue eyes on the white wolves have put us all under a spell.

Victoria Reed "Moonsong" from Kevin Steen on Vimeo.

Amélie's Parisian Apartment IRL!

Domaine has brilliantly made it possible for us to recreate Amélie's Parisian apartment. I want to note that this includes her pig lamp. 

If I could choose a scent for this bizarre and charming room, I'd go with Blackbird Violet Hour Incense

h/t Domaine 



Hats (and tats) off.

Wow. Kelly Framel (aka The Glamourai) takes styling to a whole new level in this shoot. Those eyebrows, the cornrows, the flash tattoos. I am awestruck.
xo -Rony

Wrapped Up, Blinged Out

Toni Garrn wears the raddest shearling and tweed in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar Germany. And when your outerwear game is this strong, one or two (or five or six!) of your favorite Catbird pieces are really all you need. Plus pants, if you're so inclined.

Pictured in the Rose Thorn necklace and Ballerina Collar (above) and a single golden stack on her middle finger (below). 

Now excuse me, I need to find a hot glue gun and embellish a few things before autumn's arrival.  

Photos by Nagi Sakai for Harper's Bazaar Germany 

Portrait of a Lady

“It’s so peaceful for me here; very calm and very private,” Facchinetti says. “It took me a long time to find this place, and now I never want to leave.”

Let's journey away: a virtual visit to a Milanese apartment.


Alessandra Facchinetti's apartment, from W Magazine

Sleeping Beauty Blue

Hello, weekend plans - I'm looking at you, pajamas and bare feet.


Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue, 1991

Shopgirl: August Picks

Here on Bedford Avenue, we intend to fully soak up the last few weeks of summer. Which means taking any and all opportunities to show off our favorite anklet, Wicked Game. We wear it over silk socks, dangled low with sandals, or just peeking out from under rolled up cigarette pants.

Chelsea's pick for August is the Wicked Game paired with her equally sparkly flats. We admire a girl who can save all bling for the very tip of her outfit!

Chelsea's also the first of us to try the latest addition to #catbirdbeauty. Belmacs Blitz gold leaf eyeshadow has just arrived in the shop! The secret to its shine is that the cream based shadow is enriched with precious metal leaf. Keeping the rest of her face bare, Chelsea layers up to her brow for max sparkle. Belmacs Blitz can also be combined with face cream as a highlighter or used to line the lids. I personally love dabbing on the inner corners of my eyes as an instant way to brighten and fake a few more hours of sleep. 



Peeping Tom

Sublime beauty and the quotidian make the loveliest bedfellows.


photo by Henry Leutwyler from New York Magazine 

Our Month Through Pinterest

Catbird x J.Crew 14k Lovecat

Things that excited and inspired us this month, as seen through our latest pins. Plus a few new baubles! 

1. Catbird x J.Crew has officially arrived! Shop the full collection here.

2. received a sneak peak of our 2015 look book. Read on for stacking tips straight from the set. 

3. Is it just us or do our Tomboy rings and Kitten Mitten seem to glow on mega-babe Kelly Framel of The Glamourai

4. Something about summer just doesn't feel right without an anklet. Luckily, the Wicked Game is now available in our storefront and online. Bring on those sunshiny days. 

Follow us at to stay connected! 



A night at the circus.

We're going to the circus! Cirque de Soleil, that is! What's more amazing than an evening in Brooklyn, seeing people perform seemingly miraculous feats, that they've actually worked so so so hard to achieve?!  We're real big fans of working like the dickens to make the impossible possible. Thanks so much to our pals at Cirque de Soleil for giving us tickets to their magical Verekai show. You can get your own tickets for the Barclay's Center shows right here (Verekai will be at Barclay's from July 30- August 3, tickets start at $45) - see you under the Big Top!

xo Leigh

Vans Girl

I'm completely still in summer mode but this Vans babe with her #catbirdstacks has me a tiny bit excited for cider, flushed cheeks, and perfect plaid sweaters.  



Image c/o Vans Zine - Issue 02 

The Wild (Williamsburg) West

The Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast has opened its doors in Williamsburg and it's an explosion of industrial chic meets the Wild West. 

I think a staycation is definitely in order because I'd very much like to light a Campfire candle and soak in this tub. With a whiskey. 

h/t Domaine


What We Love Today: Bonjour Monsieur Soap.

Oh, to be clean and clever, it's a true gift! Speaking of gifts, pile up a couple of bars, tie with a big fat bow, et FIN. We make it easy.


Bonjour Monsieur soap, available in store and online, $9

Dream Date: Lou Doillon

Dear Lou,

I've Dream Date-ed you before, and I'll Dream Date you again. The light! The camera! The fringe! You're making us kittens purr.


image from Lou Doillon's Instagram

What to Give: 4th of July, beach house edition

We're invited to our friends' house in Asbury Park for this holiday weekend and I am coming equipped with sparklers for everyone and a beach-y candle for our lovely hosts. 
Happy Fourth, Kittens!!

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