Life Lessons: Roller skating

This past rainy weekend my ten year old and I went roller skating at the extremely fun Brooklyn Bridge Park roller skating rink. (Highly recommended for tourists and residents alike.) She has skated before so I was surprised to see her clutching the wall and only looking down at her feet - a slow, measured clomp.

I immediately turned into her coach. “Look up - face where you're going and you'll get there! Don’t be afraid to fall down! You can’t skate if you are only thinking of falling!” On and on...

And, since I am not only her mother and roller skating coach, but also her de facto life coach - I was really hoping she would absorb my wonderful skating lessons as wonderful life lessons.

Look up, everyone! A laser focus on your goals can get you there! If you only think about failing/falling, you will not move forward!

Who knew?

- Rony

PS Fun fact: When I was little I was absolutely positive I started the 80s roller skating craze.

Glow from within

You know that breathtaking feeling when you see a color that can only occur in nature? The glow of the sky just past dusk, the crazy oil slick colors in beetle’s wings, the magical depth of flower petals - colors that are rich, vivid, elemental. They glow from within. And you think to yourself “That can only exist in nature. It is impossible to mimic. It is something beyond just ‘color’.”

That is the inspiration for our new 22k Old World wedding bands. The glow of gold as a pure and rare element, with that magical quality that nature provides in her own color factory.

- Rony

A warm-blooded creature.

"Researchers report that the lotus has the remarkable ability to regulate the temperature of its flowers to within a narrow range just as humans and other warmblooded animals do. Dr. Roger S. Seymour and Dr. Paul Schultze-Motel, physiologists at the University of Adelaide in Australia, found that lotus flowers blooming in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens maintained a temperature of 30–35 °C (86–95 °F), even when the air temperature dropped to 10 °C (50 °F)."

Magic flower, magic ring. The Lotus Flower ring by Kataoka is now at Catbird, the Wedding Annex, and


The Three Graces

The sisters Haim, wearing the sisters Mulleavy at the Met Gala, looking awfully like that John Singer Sargent painting of sisters that hangs in the Met.

(This month's issue of Vanity Fair is all about sisters, it's an irresistibly mysterious read for those of us who have none, and wonderfully self-reflective for those of you who do).


What We're Giving: Mother's Day for the Mom Who Loves Baths

It's been some years now since I've actually taken an honest to goodness soak in a bathtub, not for lack of suds or trying, but rather, lack of space. Living in a tiny New York apartment does have its drawbacks at times, little legroom in bathtubs being one of them, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't given our bath products a test run in my doll-sized tub. So if your mother is of the soaking persuasion, look no further:

Mullein & Sparrow for Catbird Bath Soak Imagine bathing in the most fragrant, floral tea with rose, lavender, hibiscus, and calendula.

French Girl Sea Polish If, like me, your mom isn't the best at mornings, she'll love this scrub. It smells like peppermint, and it's an instant pick me up, especially for those early mornings, when all you feel like doing is lying in bed.

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream I'll admit that I'm a bit set in my ways when it comes to trying new moisturizers (why mess with a good thing), but I'm so so so happy I stepped outside my comfort zone with this skin cream. It's replaced virtually every moisturizer I own.



Another way to bathe in flowers.

It's Colette: an interview she said that her future projects included, 'flowers, strawberries, and living in a more tranquil universe. Earthly Paradise, Colette's Autobiography Drawn From Her Lifetime Writings by Robert Phelps

Image: Fantasea by Britta Walsworth


What We're Listening To: Prince

It is a sad day in rock n' roll my friends. Losing another legend like Prince is a little tough to swallow. Luckily, we still have his incredible catalog of music to lift our spirits and have been listening to him all day to commiserate. Here's hoping you get a chance to listen to your favorite Prince songs today, too.


What We're Giving: Mother's Day

 When it comes to gift giving, I always find myself on two opposite ends of the spectrum: scrambling at the last minute to find something that doesn't say, "I picked this two hours ago, mainly because it was what I thought you would hate the least", or planning months ahead, dreaming up ways to find the most thoughtful gift possible. Needless to say, I prefer the latter, but often find myself stumped, wracking my brain for any glimmer of an idea.

Mother's Day is still a bit aways, but best to plan ahead, lest you find yourself perusing the wilted bodega flowers an hour before.

Bittersweets L'il ID Bracelet: I gave this to my mom for Christmas, and she has yet to take it off. 

Malka Dina Pink Marble Ring Dish: The random swirls remind me of a Rorschach test in the best way possible.

Neighbor's Fig Tree Candle: The most inviting scent that teeters the fine line of masculine vs. feminine.



It's practically exercise.

I could play a mean game of catch me if you can with my long-haired chihuahua, Teepee, in a hallway like this. We're both relatively short (she, more than me) so this already palatial Parisian apartment would be positively Grand Canyon-like.


Clare Waight Keller's Parisian apartment via Wall Street Journal Magazine

Gold at the end.

Dear scalloped rainbow dress, you are so very perfect. Worn with our 14k Hoop Dreams paired on a single ear.

Styled by Yety Akinola for Playing Fashion
Dress, Christopher Kane S/S16
Earrings, Catbird


Catbird Neighborhood Favs: Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery's Insulated Dark Lager - Photo: Samantha Niedospial 
I've walked past Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg a handful of times but it never occurred to me to go in. Thanks to a visiting friend I went on a recent Saturday afternoon and appreciated the brewery's existence in my neighborhood.

During my visit I met Hayes Peebles, a tour guide. I interviewed him after attending his free weekend tour where his buoyant humor plays a role in telling the brewery's story. Peebles explained that with every guide you gain a different experience of the brewery's history and brew process, but also a better understanding of the personalities involvedthat of a comedian, beer expert, and brewer.

The Tasting room - Photo: Samantha Niedospial
The brewery began when founder Steve Hindy received a home brewing kit. I asked Peebles about his experience home brewing; the process for ales are easier to create at home than lagers. The yeast in lagers need to be set at colder temperatures for about 4-5 weeks. I contemplated giving it a go, sacrificing my refrigerator space and rent money on equipment. At this moment I've decided to leave it to the experts.

Brooklyn Brewery is a historical part of Williamsburg, having been here for over 25 years. It brought breweries back to a neighborhood where they used to thrive. It's become a staple that both visitors and locals can enjoy in learning about beer. 

Want to feel like a tourist for the day? Then take the free tour on the weekends or for those feeling more ambitious, take the extended version on the weekdays, which includes four beer tastings and the tour for $15. If you are looking for a spot to soak in natural light within an industrial setting, I'd recommend the tasting room.

Good to know: During the summer months they sell their Summer Ale in tallboy cans.

A thing to do.

If you find yourself alone in Manhattan, twiddling your jeweled thumbs, go sit at the bar at Cherche Midi with a book and order a La Pêche.



"Couples were already gliding over the floor beyond: the light of the wax candles fell on the revolving tulle skirts, on girlish heads wreathed with modest blossoms, on the dashing aigrettes and ornaments of the young married women's coiffures, and on the glitter of the highly glazed shirt fronts and fresh glacé gloves."  — Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton

Dipped back into a favorite this weekend, and I was so pleased to be reminded why I love Edith Wharton so. What's new and modern is always strikingly so.


Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada F/W 1999 by Steven Meisel

Girl Crush: Mickey

In the Judd Apatow produced Netflix series Love, Mickey, played by Gillian Jacobs, is just about everything you could ever want in a bad-girl crush. She's impulsive, irreverent, hot boxes in her car to get her cheeseburger to taste up to its full potential, and jumps off of roofs into pools (in the style of Almost Famous). Ok, so she is a total mess, but a really cool mess.

Once I started watching the series I couldn't stop and binged through the whole thing in 4 days. Don't judge, I was also stuck on the sofa with the flu! The show takes place in sunny LA, shedding a humorous, realistic light on the pains of the dating world. You should give it a watch, even if only for ensemble ideas from Mickey. 

A few of my favorites...

What We're Listening To: Victoria Reed

To say we're surrounded by a sea of talented ladies here at Catbird is quite the understatement. Case in point, our very own Victoria Reed. Victoria has just debuted her first album, Chariot, and it sounds just as beautiful as it looks. The things I personally admire most about her, her supernatural wisdom and sincerity beyond her age, spill through on her folk-inspired songs, leaving you feeling like you just had tea and tarot with someone who just really "gets it." I could go on and on about how talented she is or how her lyrics frequently get stuck in my head, instead you should do yourself a favor and listen below:


New Things


We put together something kinda spectacular with our friends at Polyvore. A lucky someone will be receiving 1k from Catbird and to make the best kind of spring update to their wardrobe + space. 

What to do with such winnings? Refinery29 rounded up five of their favorite Catbird x sets. So get inspired, and enter before March 7th!


Secret messages.

Sometimes, we get to sneak little treats in packages for special kittens, and it feels really nice.


Image via a ballerina customer's Instagram.

Home alone

Ballet slippers, two blankets, two serums and Egyptian Magic, a roll of plush toilet paper (who has tissues), a chihuahua, Anna Karenina, work laptop, season one of Transparent (and then season two), Epsom salts & hydrogen peroxide for detox baths: tools for being sick on the couch in the winter.


Francois Lalanne bed for a fever dream and Letter of Recommendation: Sick Days

Empty Fields

Gucci pink, deep emerald, and that 14k Catbird ear cuff we love so much.

For her pretty pout, try Lilac Rouge.


Styled by Ali Pew
Catbird ear cuff
Gucci blouse
losselliani earring 
InStyle, March 2016

So Bright.

Blink and you'll miss it, that's a sterling silver Plain Chain on this kitten. Our barely there necklace brought me to this page in Harper's Bazaar, but it's her feathered bun, glossed lids, and tank layered under the most elaborately beaded Saint Laurent that has me like whoah.


styled by Tom Van Dorpe

This Girl's Life

 We love Astrid Mai Dahl's intimate, luminous instagram.


Catbird Neighborhood Favs: Cheese Grotto

Imagine on a cold winter night when all you want to do is snuggle up on the couch with a hot toddy and a warm blanket watching endless Neflix you instead decide to attend a cheesemaking workshop. Now you might ask I enjoy eating cheese, but can I enjoy making it? I asked myself this question as I dragged my stiff legs into jeans and threw my oversized fleece-lined coat on. I've attempted making cheese on multiple occasions and have always failed. I was very doubtful that I would have success at this workshop, but kept up hope since it allowed for me to get my mind and body off of my couch.

Jessica Sennett, the president of Cheese Grotto, does a fantastic job of entertaining you during and after the workshop. She teaches you how to make a quick and easy cheese such as ricotta and ends with gifting you a delicious brick of cheese salted with spices of your choosing. If your mouth doesn't water from the smell of the cheese it sure will by the taste. 

Jessica teaches a fellow cheesemaker student

Cheese Grotto offers workshops all around Brooklyn, but has a home stop at 61 Local in Cobble Hill where they also offer coursed dinners. They have cheese and cocktail pairings at Industry City Distillery for those residing near or in Sunset Park. Get up and go outside (of your couch) this winter and explore with a cheesemaking workshop. The workshop turned out to be a success for me and helped me to cure some of my winter blues.

Book Club: Longing for Carla

"Two telephone calls with Carla. Beautiful moon. Wanted to walk under it with Carla but she couldn't."

Written on Friday June 14th, 1946 in a travel diary belonging to a unnamed gentlemen traveling through Japan. Don't worry guys, he went to a tea ceremony with Carla later in the week.


Catbird / Valentine 2016

We shot a really special campaign this past weekend with our friend Lauren. A little peek for you kittens, and more to come through February.


photography by Maureen Peabody 

Kiss of the Spiderweb Lace Woman

I want to slip this over our boy shorts, pair with a hoodie and loads of jewels, and wear all winter long.


Nina Ricci black lace skirt 

Just like a woman.

The color between dove and oyster grey and softest mint is a delicious place to be.

Image via Molly Goddard's Instagram.


In the Studio with Satomi Kawakita

Satomi Kawakita’s Tribeca atelier is a pretty perfect extension of her jewelry. Both her work and environment make use of warm colors blended with organic texture and geometric shapes. In a room supported by exposed brick walls and beams, under architectural lights, sits an oval shaped mid-century sofa and marble table. Every detail down to the leather serving coasters has a touch of Satomi’s hexagonal trademark. “I really like making and finding beautiful things; my heart beats for these things and those moments,” explains Satomi. “Even at home with friends, I like to cook for them and serve with the beautiful tableware that I have been collecting over time.” 

Over the past 5 years, Satomi has filled Catbird with her stone and shape compositions, and adorned countless brides with their own Hexagon Ring, designed to stack in a manner of self expression. We chatted with Satomi on her beginnings, what she’s excited to be experimenting with, and of course our mutual favorite topic of conversation, food!

You’ve been working and designing in New York since 2008. What led you to this point?  

I graduated from Art College in Kyoto, Japan with a major in living product design. I studied not only design itself, but also how to work with and embrace different materials. In that time, I worked with wood, metal, ceramic and textile. But after watching a program on TV one day, really fell in love with the art of glass blowing and decided I needed to explore it. I began to take classes at a local studio in Osaka while still in school. Doing glassblowing for five years made me realize that I was more comfortable working on a smaller scale, with more detailed pieces, at my own pace. I started making some accessories with glass beads and found I couldn't find clasps on the market that suited the design. I thought it would be nice if I could make it myself; that's how my interest in jewelry making started. 

What was the first piece you made that really took off?

It would have to be my Hexagon Ring. The geometric shape is timeless and resonates with a lot of people, it's our signature. The turning point was definitely my exposure on the former blog Unruly Things, written by Alyson Brown. She introduced some of my rings on her blog at the end of August 2010 and changed my world. That, and the day Catbird started carrying my line. Both of those 2 moments happened in late 2010 and my life has never been the same since. 

Describe your work in 3 words. 

Organic, delicate, simple.

Are you experimenting with any new designs? 

I’ve been trying to make an Eternity Band with Pearls. I’ve been experimenting and trying this for years now, but haven't been entirely satisfied with the end result.  I’m not sure if I can make this happen, but let’s see, I'm tenacious. My design approach has not changed for years and I don't think it will. My line has always been designs I, myself, would wear: organic, yet timeless. But I am always looking for new materials and something fun to work with like our One-of-a-Kind series.  
 Who would you most like to see Satomi Kawakita on? 

My grandmother who passed away in 2013 at the age of 100. I always wanted to make a ring for her, as the Opal ring my grandpa gave her got too loose on her skinny finger. Unfortunately, though, it never happened.

Browsing Satomi’s Instagram, you’re bound to be as mesmerized by the pastries as you are by the gems. We had to end our interview with Satomi’s Top 5 food picks in the city. 

Burrow, #1, of course. Ayako is an amazing artist and a great friend of mine. Not to mention the pastries are delicious. 

Kajitsu and Brushstroke for dinner. I go there when I need to treat myself well. 

The French Toast from Ladurée.

I go to Hanamizuki, often, to get rice balls.


What We're Giving: Anna

Anna is surprising her BFF with Leo Black Serpent Studs and a Rodin Lip Balm Ring, tucked into our new Swan Pouch and finished with a white ribbon. Anna wins at Santa this year! This concludes What We're Giving!


What We're Giving: Catherine

"My goal for this holiday season is to give the dreamiest gifts  a marble journal, tiny dancer studs, and a print with a magical Virginia Woolf quote." - C


The love below.

What rings do you think are hiding beneath her kid gloves?

detail of a Anton Raphael Mengs painting via The Blue Bed

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