jean pool.

Did you know that we are JEAN-iuses? For real. We take our jeans super seriously. We do not fall prey to stupid trends (only ones that make at least a little sense), and we spend a LOT of time and effort stocking styles, sizes and washes that will make you happy.

We tend to stay away from a lot of fading, sanding, whiskering and deliberate holes and rips and veer more towards clean washes. Low rises are sort of at the bottom of the list (although hard to avoid) but we stock as many mid and high rises as we can. And - and this is important here folks - we order FULL SIZE RUNS. Meaning we always get 29s, 30s, 31s and sometimes 32s when we can. We sell out of these sizes fast but we always order them!

When we go to showrooms we don't just get what the reps tell us are their "number ones". We inspect, feel, try on and really think about YOU - coming into the store looking for the perfect jeans. The shop is small - but even if it wasn't, there is no need to overwhelm you with all the choices out there in the world. We edit it for you. Only the best. The coolest. Cuz what's better than the perfect pair of jeans?

Come in and pick our brains. We're ready.

Some denim lines we carry: found, j.brand, deener, del forte, wrangler, jordache, level99, blank, odyn, and coming soon, corpus.
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