Lunch Lady: How you doin?

Guess what! Today is St. Joseph's Day! The name or feast day of San Giuseppe, the sorta-father of the most famous surprise baby in history. Legend has it that he saved Sicily from famine using the magical fava bean and now every March 19th people get together and eat the foods and wines and things.

Also, this holiday is vegetarian friendly because, technically, you're not supposed to eat meat. I will most likely eat a burger or something but WHTVR. "To each his own" or "sauzeech calzone," as my sister likes to joke.

Now onto the good stuff... you can also celebrate this holy day by getting a special zeppole!  There are a few different kinds, but the only ones you need to worry about are these two…

They are delicious. They look like boobs. And they're as big as falafel sandwiches. So even if you're not religious, even if your family doesn't talk with their hands- just grab your favorite Joe,  JoAnn or Josephine and stuff your faces with cannoli cream, custard, cherries, pastry & powdered sugar.

Plus, he was a carpenter and since I know yous guys are all obsessed with woodworkers, grab one of these treats for them as a 'thank you' for being so babely and useful.

I got my pretty ladies at Fortunato Brothers on Manhattan just off the Graham L stop. Definitely one of the best Italian bakeries around. They were $3.75 a pop and absolutely worth it. And good news! They stocked up this morning so I think you should be able to grab one or ten if you really haul ass.

<3 Ash

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