In the Studio with N+A

The new Twinkle Diamond Ring from N+A is a line of white diamonds that sprout up from the band, like petite cherry blossoms wrapped around your finger. The sisters behind N + A New York, Noriko and Akiko Sugawara, are originally from Yokohama, Japan, and frequently cite the landscape of the country in their designs. "It's more of an influence from my childhood and younger years that stays with me," says designer Noriko. “I work from my instinct and a reflection of what is around me or what I feel.” 

Twinkling Diamond Ring, 14k white/rose/yellow
Akiko, who heads up the business end of N+A, was with a wine importer in Japan when her sister first began designing under her own line. After helping Noriko at a trade show in the States, they both realized that N+A worked best with both of them together. “It was an amazing and exciting change in my life,” Akiko says of relocating to New York. “Working in a small studio allows me to see my work completed in a more satisfying way. I really enjoy diving into the creative process."

Noriko's take on hoops and studs
What struck the ladies of Catbird first was the naturalism and movement of the line. “We would describe our collection as wearable basics that are totally unique, with organic forms and textures,” says Noriko. “We use lots of tiny diamonds as accents that sparkle, as if they are whispering.” If that is true, we are happy to listen.  

You can view our selection of jewels from N+A at our Williamsburg storefront and wedding annex, as well as online

The sisters by illustrator Ningyo Yamada

Faith & Sriya 

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