Lunch Lady: Because Why Not?

So, as you already know, us Catbirdettes spent last night guzzling Salty Dogs and Bulleit Bourbon like it was our job. Which, I mean, it kind of absolutely was. And because of the free-flowing liquor and endless brain-splitting laughter we are pretty much all hungover. My poor body is moving at a glacial pace and I just saw a video of a cute old man that nearly made me sob. Ugh, such a loser. Anyway! I was trying to decide what my fifth beverage of the morning was going to be (the first four being whatever kind of Iced Tea I could find within five blocks) and then the gods blessed my life with this little gem...

Are you kidding me?! Like I could ever come up with a better reason to stop being lazy and bring back the Lunch Lady posts. People are obsessed with Sriracha for a reason. Because it's amazing and it makes everything better. Like when you feel like crap and put on your favorite lipstick or you have to transfer three times to get to work because the stupid L is down but you miraculously make every train right on time AND there's a seat next to someone cute/ an old lady reading some soft core prairie porn. It does not get better this and I am TOTALLY fine with that. 

The genius coffee shop slinging this deliciousness is Bedford Baking Studio right between South 3rd and Fourth, otherwise known as Portlandia by everyone at Catbird because it is so unbelievably cute and kitschy.  Just look for yourself in this pic MER snapped that shows off their expert craftiness.

And here it is in all it's humble* glory paired with a really amazing croissant sandwich made with olive tapenade, fresh tomato & mozzarella and some kind of green I forget what.
It looks like a regular latte, tastes like a mocha mexican hot chocolate, which is probably a thing somewhere, and for atleast 20 minutes my synapses were firing all over the place and I came up with some really good ideas for some really important things. Syke- I thought about my lifelong crush, where I put my 2nd favorite pen and what to listen to next. But I was really enthusiastic. And that's always a treat on an otherwise ordinary afternoon.

<3 Ash

*thanks to Leigh for helping me find a word better than unassuming because my brain went back to being broken

p.s. who has a fantasy football league I can join? I will absolutely ruin it for everyone involved, hope that's cool.

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