Things I love: Meaghan

Meaghan (aka MER) is a seasoned catbirdette – she knows all the secret inner workings of the nest and makes sure things run smoothly around here. She's a bird that'll ease your stress and make you happy every time you see her.  When she's not working her magic, you'll find her at a show practically every day of the week or throwing a themed party with her big loving family.  Here are a few things she loves:

  • Six little munchkins who call me auntie Meg
  • A hand written note
  • Few things get my heart going like seeing concerts... my happy place
  • Pizza, I'd travel anywhere for a good slice of za
  • My big red scarf
  • Anything comfy and cozy; big sweaters, long johns, a soft tee
  • A good vinyl on a lazy sunday 
  • Family, friends, and my boy clancy <3
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