Staff picks: LEIGH

Leigh, our stalwart catbird, resident style-maven and magpie, who also is the creator of the Jezebel line and the Jezebel blog, has shared with us some of her store favorites:

Picture 9
Draugsvold Baron Munchausen Earrings

An absolutely maddening mélange of all things I love in one pair of madcap earrings: lunar landings, wild adventures, 18th century etchings, bound together by a touch of antiquity. I long for these to swing gently alongside my cheeks, made rosy by a night of cold vodka in an opulent St. Petersburg hotel.

Picture 10

Stephanie Simek Eyelash Necklace - catbird exclusive
A necklace that looks as if it walked straight from a Man Ray photograph is the necklace for me.

Picture 12

Bittersweets NY Rose Gold Lily Necklace
One dares not gild this perfect lily. I love the modest containment of a necklace that lays horizontal; everything that springs from Bittersweets NY definitively whispers a fierce and fragile beauty.

Picture 1
Demitasse Diamond Eternity Band
Straight from the icy detritus of Edward Scissorhands, or the shattered mirror in H.C. Andersen’s The Snow Queen, this slenderest of eternity bands calls my name loud, and louder yet.

Picture 13

Yayoi Forest Happy Face Single Earring
Completely goofy and utterly delicious. I’ve got one pointy ear that I’m rather attached to- think I’ll wear Mr. Diamond Eyes in that one.

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