Meet a Kitten: Anna

Have you ever called Catbird and heard a cheerful voice greet you on the other end? Or perhaps you had a question about a rad ring, so you shot an email over to us and received a friendly reply. Well, chances are you spoke with our E-Commerce Manager, Anna. 

In the first edition of Meet a Kitten, we take a stroll around the neighborhood with Anna (and her ever-rambunctious chocolate lab Willy) to learn a bit more about her. Ya know, aside from her being a walking encyclopedia of all things Catbird, and all.

Job Title: E-Commerce Manager
Length of Time at Catbird: 3.5 years
Hometown: Pleasantville, NY 
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Current song or album that you have on repeat: Tobias Jesso Jr. "Goon"
Most vivd childhood memory: Motorcycle camping with my dad
Hidden Talent: Grandma dancing
What are you reading?: The Goldfinch, though it's kinda boring and slow... 
Favorite film: The Dreamers
Most visited neighborhood hangout: Lucky Dog or Old Stanley's 
Staff Pick: Sweet Nothing choker, Nova Charka perfume, Russian Caravan incense, Her Diamond Eyes ring, Goe Oil and John Derian Crescent Moon Plate.

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