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We paid a visit to the Wedding Annex to explore some lovely pairings / groupings of engagement & wedding ring beauties. Here are a few of our favorites, with more to follow soon! :)

Top to bottom: Leda the Swan Ring by Catbird paired perfectly with the Constellation Ring by Hortense.

So good!!

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x Kristin

Pearls of Wisdom

In June [which has totally flown by] we celebrate the pearl, the creation of which is pretty incredible!

The process begins when an irritant, usually a parasite or piece of shell, gets caught in an oyster’s inner body. The oyster responds by secreting a crystalline substance, called nacre, which layers up around the irritant to protect itself, thus forming a pearl!

We love pearls for their timeless elegance and versatility.
I'm including some of the pearl pieces on my wish list below, but you can check out our full selection of pearls here!



Summer gleaming.

For the first day of summer, I present you with a laid-back melange: the Keshi Pearl Bracelet, Angel's Hair Bracelet, and Sweet Nothing Bracelet - a trio favored by mermaids, and us.

Peruse all our bracelets won't you, right this way...

xo Leigh

The Brothers Charlap Hyman

And their enviable insouciance. See here, their Brooklyn apartment.


Onwards, life

"My grandmother died upstairs in a mahogany bed and two days later, that bed became mine" and more pearls, here.

Gone Grey in the Very Best Way

Grey diamonds are certainly at the very top of our wish list! Perfectly imperfect - each stone looks like its own tiny universe. Below are a few of our favorite grey diamond pieces we have in store at the moment…


On the Orient Express

We love Marvis's new ROYAL toothpaste, with zesty Italian lemon oil, tangerines, fragrant rose extract and nutmeg. Did we mention there's rose in this toothpaste?! And, it's inspired by the Orient Express!



This one’s for the moms! We would never be where we are, and be able to do what we do without you. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Lots & lots of love,
The Catbirdettes

P.S. Our newly renovated store is open just in time for last minute Mother’s Day gift shopping! We’re open 11 to 7 on Saturday and 12 to 6 on Sunday @ 219 Bedford.

Perhaps the origin of my swan-love, despite their spitting and snapping. When I was a teenager, we hatched ducks in our kitchen. Our favorite was Babette, she took naps under the hammock and went for walks around the block with us. My mother loved all creatures, great and small, and as a little girl she had to be taken home from the circus crying because they wouldn't let her pet the tigers.

Leigh, Co-Creative Director

When I was a kid we had a sailboat, I believe this photo was taken at Mystic Seaport - a favorite spot for my parents. I remember leaning over the bow of the boat, looking at jellyfish. In this photo I've got one heck of a smile and my mom's shorts were perfect in 1986.

Anna, E-Commerce Team

This is my mom Elizabeth and I at the Macy's parade sometime in the late 80's. I had spilled scalding hot chocolate all over my face. Rather than pack it in, she just threw me on her shoulders and kept it moving.
Rebecca, Jewelry Studio

“We just went on a family trip to Italy; it had its ups and downs, but far and away, the best part was hanging out with them. And they really like being with me. They’re nine and eleven, and there could be an age limit to that, but now they’re fun to hang out with, fun to talk to, they’re really curious and interesting and they have their own opinions about stuff. I do not want that to end, and to me it’s about how you preserve that without being overbearing.”

Rony, Founder & Co-Creative Director
Quote pulled from a special Mother’s Day interview with The Coveteur about our new Holding Hands necklace, made in collaboration with the Adventure Project.

My mom is the best because she raised my sister and I by herself, which is pretty awesome. This, and almost all our family photos, were taken at the beach because we were literal beach babies!

Mariah, Art Department

This is me and my mom in a park in Long Island when I was a few months old. As you may or may not know, I love ducks, and my mom took me to see all the duckies. I must have loved them even back then!!

Saskia, E-Commerce Team


My mom said I like to lean back and have lengthy conversations with her, pre learning how to talk. Long, babbling conversations with the adults.

Sriya, Communications Team

Here is my mama and I in 1991 or 1992. She's my best friend and biggest inspiration, whose love and generosity knows no bounds. Love my mama!
Pinkney, Jewelry Studio

I love my mom because she is a smart and strong woman with deep affection for her family who has instilled in me a sense of curiosity and the freedom and support to follow my own path and build a life for myself that is wholly different from her own.
Dan, Business Manager

My mom is not a big fan of being photographed, so the pictures I do have with her I treasure! This very low quality picture perfectly captures a beautiful chilly day at the beach when my cheeks were at their fullest. I may have grown into my cheeks, but my mom still looks at me the same way -- which used to embarrass me a bit, but now makes my heart melt. Love you mama!
Kristin, Communications Team

This was taken in Mexico. We were on a tour and we taken to this cave with a waterfall. We were the small few from our group to have the courage to jump into the freezing water and swim the fishes. I guess I know where I get my sense of adventure from!

Airina, E-Commerce Team

These were both taken back in my hometown in Mexico. The family trips we did to my grandpa's ranch are the happiest memories I have and what shaped me as the person I'm today. I remember my mom used to make this amazing dishes of what the animals and lands provided over there (even making her own cheese).
Ale, Jewelry Studio

 Originally, I had refused to take a picture with the ducks because my twin brother had warned me that ducks bite (perhaps this is when my fear of birds began...), so my mom had to stand behind me in order for us to get a good photo. She immediately puts me at ease and comforts me in all aspects of my life. She's my person :)
Stella, Art Department


The first photo is from a Spring weekend visiting our friends farmhouse in New Hope, PA. It was such a beautiful warm Sunday - real spring weather- and I spent the whole day outside with Junie. The second photo is Sally and me with our mom cooling off in our pool at my childhood home. My dad was taking the photo. Darla, HR & Office Manager & Sally, 219 Bedford Team

My mom and I always have the most beautiful getaways together - this one in particular - we went to Stinson Beach and Point Reyes outside of San Francisco. It was a day filled with sunshine, beach walks, shopping and ice cream cones - all of our favorite things. We sat on a bench and giggled while we people watched as ice cream dripped down our fingers. A bystander took our photo to capture the pure happiness we always have together. I’ll never forget, nor take for granted, those sweet, simple moments with her.
Jac, Art Department

This pic was just when we were visiting my nanny, who had a fun costume jewelry collection. My mom is simply the best because she is always there to help me through anything and encourages my self-esteem when it's needed the most. ;)

Kat, E-Commerce Team

This picture was taken when I was four months old. My parents used to take me on a lot of hikes. This one was an overnight hike along the pacific crest trail in Oregon. My dad would carry all the supplies and my mom would carry just me.
Catherine, Jewelry Studio

My mom and I are a prime example of "it's complicated." Even so, she loves my unconditionally, and I her. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who allow their kids to be themselves—even when they're not picture perfect.
Briana, Merchandising Team

My mom has always impressed me with her strength and beauty! Without her support I wouldn't be where I am today! This photo is from when we(my sister, my mom and myself) dressed up in different decades for my sister-in-laws bachelorette party. We had fun roaming the streets of San Francisco in our vintage attire. Always a joyful moment with my mom.
Sam, E-Commerce Team

Personal dream shopping for mythical creatures.

If mermaids had feet, and wore flats, these would be the shoes for them.

Delpozo at Moda Operandi


Holding Hands, Helping Hands

Just in time for Mother’s Day -- today we released a really special, limited edition necklace with a nonprofit we hold so close to our hearts - The Adventure Project. One hundred percent of the proceeds from our Holding Hands Necklace will go towards The Adventure Project’s community health program in Kenya & Uganda. The Adventure Project works hand in hand with their local partner, Living Goods, to train women who are leaders in their communities to be Community Health Providers, which equips them to diagnose and treat common illnesses and sell over 60 lifesaving products to their neighbors at affordable prices (an average of 50¢ per treatment).

Our goal is to fund the training of 10 women, who will serve 8,000 members of their communities.

Rony & Leigh sat down with The Coveteur to discuss the collaboration and what it means to them as women and mothers. You can read the full story here!

Let’s join together!



"Where's my coffee."
— me


Floating world.

The new Floating Moon Earring by Sehti Na is such a cool, elegant piece, for all you cool, elegant kittens.


Gathering roses.

New on our shelves: a luscious, rose-drenched new body cream. I've been testing it for a month or so, balancing it with a more commercial lotion because I love it so much, I want it to last and last and last.

Sangre de Fruta Rose no 1 Botanical Body Cream (cruelty-free, small-batch made, botanically-based) 


Dear Los Angeles...

Dear Los Angeles,

We think you are so wonderful! Your sunshine and flora make us extremely happy, and we could not be more delighted to be visiting you this month. Our store in Culver City’s Platform is filled with our favorite jewelry & other fun things including a very special selection of vintage clothing we co-curated with A Current Affair!
We’ve also planned a few events throughout the month, like a book swap with Girls At the Library this Sunday, April 9th. Hope you can make it, we would love to see you!

Be sure to check out all of the details for Catbird Visits LA here!

Lots of love,
The Catbird Team

P.S. You can RSVP for the book swap by emailing

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