Things I love: Laila

Laila, one of our in-house jewelers, likes natural medicine and used to make boob jewelry.  She is from Texas and has an eclectic collection of tattoos.  Her favorite station on pandora is Monster Mash and she's got a good arm for a hammer texture (see her handiwork on our Classic Hammered First Knuckle Rings). Here are a few things she loves:
  • Ray Bradbury short stories
  • my babies Banjo and Beyonce
  • Chips and queso
  • mixing catbird threadbares and mignon rings with gumball machine rings
  • dioramas at the Natural History Museum
  • Slaves of New York
  • Vintage Doc Martens
  • hot toddies + campfires or campfire candle 
  • warm colors
  • Boris Valejo

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