Ouch, I got crabs!

Eeew, where's your head at?! No, I mean these darling little red claw crabs. They are named Crabby and Patty (obvs I totally love Sponge Bob). Crabby likes bubbles, peas and adventures all around the tank. The first night I found him sleeping in the filter. It was SO cute and I totally didn't take a picture.
I know, so dumb. Patty is more of an introvert. She hides back behind the log, under the filter, behind the bubbler, basically anywhere where you can't find her to drive you crazy. They warn you that they are escape artist, so I am always worried Dewey, my huge fatty cat, has had a 4 star meal.  Lucky for you, I caught this super cute video of Patty noshing on her log. 

I die.
You can tell the difference between them because Patty is a little smaller. Crabby picks on her all the time. Just FYI, you can tell a male from a female by their claws. The males will have bigger more predominant claws. I am pretty sure both my crabs are actually boys, but I like to refer to them as a girl boy couple because it's much funnier. 
In the midst of all this crabtastic excitement this little ditty arrives in the mail for me! A congrats on the crabby babies from Rony. Obsessed. I immediately banished my boring Ikea mug.


This is Crabby. They do this kind of stuff everyday!  It's endless. Maybe someday I can pack them up in a traveler and bring them to the store. They need memory rings!

Crabbily yours,
Candice (Jewelry Studio Manager)

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