Fashion tips from the Renaissance era

I think we can all agree that ladies and gentlemen of the Renaissance era knew fashion - I mean, take a look at this fancy lady wearing a bejeweled collar necklace as well as her very own First Knuckle Ring! 

The Daily Beast's Misty White Sidell made us blush with her kind words, saying " In New York City, cool girls flock to the tiny Brooklyn jewelry store Catbird to snap up the boutique's own brand of Memory Rings, which it has produced in silver, rose and yellow gold since 2006." 

We warmly welcome you, ladies, as First Knuckle Rings are something we absolutely adore. We love a single First Knuckle Ring worn on an other wise bare hand or stacked across each of your first knuckles or even just simply worn as a pinky ring. And oh boy, do we love them paired with a fancy manicure!

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