Lunch Lady: In Memoriam Theodore Donald Karabotsos

As Leigh so eloquently put it..."Catbird is hungover."

After a night of whiskey on the rocks with lime, SIXTEEN of the hottest babes I know, waaayyy too many gutterballs and this! My body is not very happy with me. So to make it up to myself I decided to take the advice of our lovely friends at When Babies Blog and place my first order with Champs over on Ainslie St.

I got the Oven-Roasted Chili Cheese Fries and the Mexican Raw Kale Salad. The fries (of course) went first. They're steak cut and covered in their "award-winning" chili and cheese. We devoured them.

I've been wanting to learn how to make vegan chili (by the way everything here is Vegan :-) for the longest and now I think it's time to see if I can bribe someone at Champs to atleast point me in the right direction, because these were STUPID delicious!!!!! I have never ever had such amazing vegan chili before. Just way way too good. And you don't have to feel that bad ordering them because they're oven-roasted ;-) Still fries though, but whatever, you already know my thoughts on the subject.

Onto the salad... It had cherry tomatos, sweet corn, black beans, avocado, raw kale, quinoa and a chipotle vinaigrette dressing. Now, unfortunately I am kind of an idiot when it comes to healthy food. Aside from vegetables, fruit and water I have no idea what I'm supposed to be ingesting to keep my brain from turning to mush in 60 years. And today I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I absolutely love Quinoa! I've never seen it in a salad before and the last time I tried it it was godawful and tasted like soap- which I hear can happen if you don't rinse the seeds properly. So, thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of Champs for knowing what they're doing. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

ALSO, the people that work there are pretty dope and let us try one of their awesome Peanut Butter Bars! They must have known I was up until midnight sucking down drinks with the rest of the birds because this was exactly what I needed. That and the two coffees pictured above. One iced, one hot, just to keep me alive.

Happy Wednesday, Sugarbabies

<3 Ash
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