How We Wear It: Courtnay

Courtnay is our Southern belle who is a teeny bit naughty, in none of the ways you'd expect when you first meet her, and a whole bunch sweet. She is the lady, as her signature states, in the black cat eyed glasses who makes each of your online dreams come true, with the lovely help of Miss Anna, of course.

We photographed both of her hands because let's get real, how could we choose just one? Her newest purchase is on her left ring finger, The Dark Side of the Moon Ring, $122, stacked on top of a Threadbare, $44. She's wearing two First Knuckle Rings, $64, and a Jezebel Evil Eye Ring, $288, on her index finger.

On her right hand she wears a First Knuckle Ring, $74 in full ring sizes, Twisted Stacker, $64, and a Turquoise Baguette, $244. She is also wearing a Deboarah Lippmann sponsored manicure with a It's Raining Men, $16, base coat and a Happy Birthday, $18, topcoat. The big honkers are from deep within her closet and her turquoise on her right index finger was passed down to her from her mother.

xx coco
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