What We Love Today: First Knuckle Rings

One Freja Beha Erichsen, rockin' Catbird First Knuckle Rings. 

This weekend, while working at the store, I was so happy to see how many lovely ladies were wearing, or buying, our signature First Knuckle Rings. About ten years ago (eep!) I bought a toe ring and started wearing it on my first knuckle and I haven't taken it off since. (Seriously.)

While others are now making versions of them, ours are the original and have been road-tested like no others. Also the fact that they are available in 14k gold means that you can just leave them on and not worry about them (aka lose them).

First Knuckle Rings: 14k Yellow Gold, $64  /  14k Rose Gold $64  /  Sterling Silver $28

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