How We Wear It: Lizzie

I'd venture to say that Lizzie has four of the coolest stacked fingers I have ever seen. There isn't a metal, stone or texture that this gal doesn't wear and, as you can see, she wears them all effortlessly.

Index Finger: houses a Satomi Kawakita + Bittersweets New York Sandwich - closest to her knuckle she wears The Tiniest Diamond Ring, $230, by Satomi. Beneath that she is wearing two Bittersweets Famous Letter Rings, starting at $125, with The Tiniest Ruby Ring, $190 in between.

Center Finger: she wears the chain of her Finger Bracelet, $385, with a dreamy antique Emerald she received from her grandparents for her 16th birthday directly above, Blanca Monrós Gómez Seed Ring, $215, Katrina Lapenne Braid Ring, $33 in sterling silver, Twisted Stacker, $64, and a First Knuckle Ring, $64.

Ring Finger: Yayoi Forest Crossing Ring, $326 in store, Bittersweets Marquise Twig Ring with an Opal, $650, and a First Knuckle Ring, $64.

Pinky: Silver Chain Ring, on sale! $20.

I obviously also have to mention that her smiley face tattoo is totally the best.

xx coco
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