ants on your hands.

I've just recently learned about blog giveaways and I'm decidedly a fan. While you can't win this amazing and beautiful rose gold ant ring made by the amazing and beautiful Jezebel: fellow catbirder & blogger (here and here) if you just scootch your butt on over to to the always delightful East Side Bride she will lead the way to another Jezebel giveaway.

(Speaking of ants, if you don't know about leaf cutter ants, you should familiarize yourself with their miraculous ways. My three old has recently become very interested in them and will tell you all about them in a and spazzy way. Or you can go here and Liam Neeson will school you, a bit more clearly. Seriously. It's amazing.)

Oh, the ring can be purchased here!   Ants rule!
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