my funny, and not expensive, valentine.

Dear Dudes,
You don't have to break the bank, or get super girly, to get a thoughtful Valentine's Day present. As long as it's thoughtful, it's a good gift. Period. It doesn't have to involve hearts and roses, although hearts and roses can be quite nice. Some ideas:

heart in hand bottle opener ($12)

an old-timey hanky ($4 / 5 for $20)

john derian plates (the three shown here are $88 and under)

an old-timey card, equipped with a hanky ($4)

Jewelry is always nice. St. Kilda pieces are consistent winners, as are Yayoi Forest heart necklaces. Check out that cute little frog with black diamond eyes!
(pieces shown here start at $100)

Terrariums and little vases ($28 - $90)

teeny heart studs (singles are $28 for silver, $40 for gold)

Or really, seriously, just get a card and write something heartfelt and true on it. Anyone worth their salt will love that the most anyway. (under $4)
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