The purchase of one of these (reversible, practical and awesome) totes feeds one child for one school year. Plain and simple. They have already helped over 40,000 kids. You can do your part by buying one today at catbird. The organization is truly amazing and worth reading about.

There are two styles: FEED 1, ($65), shown above, feeds one kid for a school year. FEED 2, ($95), has messenger straps and feeds two kids for a school year. And happily, the aesthetic is extremely appealing, especially for all you M*A*S*H fans.

From the FEED site:
When boys and girls are given a free, nutritious meal in school, research has shown that attendance increases by 100% and performance improves greatly. Girls with just a few years of education have fewer children, have them later in life, and are better prepared to care for and educate them. For many children, a school lunch is the only meal they will receive all day. Learn more: www.wfp.org.
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