Meet a Kitten: Jeanette

I could be biased, but I believe that of all the things that make our line unique, the ultimate factor is that it is made right here in our Brooklyn studio by an awesome set of local New York women. Did you ever wonder what went into making the elegant heart ring in your ring stack? New York City born and raised musician Jeanette knows because she just so happens to be one of the eighteen jewelers working out of our Williamsburg studio.

Jeanette and I spent Wednesday afternoon on a sunny bench outside of our favorite taco joint, La Superior. She brought along one of her most treasured items, an acoustic Takamine with photos of her mother pasted on the back, where they're close to her heart as she plays.

Job Title: Jeweler

Length of Time at Catbird: 2 years

Hometown: New York City

Astrological Sign: Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

Current song/album that you have on repeat: Album: Big Mama Thornton With the Muddy Waters Blues Band, 1966

Most vivid childhood memory: Playing in front of my apartment building in Hell's Kitchen with my two older brothers and older sister, as my parents and grandparents sat on the stoop talking to their friends in the neighborhood.

Hidden Talent: I play the acoustic guitar

What are you reading?: Her: A Memoir by Christa Parravani

Favorite film: 13 Tzameti

Most visited/fav neighborhood hangout: MoMA PS1

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