Lunch Lady: Hot For Teacher

I know your shoes are probably soaked and you almost dropped your phone in a puddle and maybe your $3 bodega umbrella turned inside out AND it's a Monday... but don't worry because I'm about to give you some really good news. Recently, Charlotte, our resident cocktail connoisseur and I had a little lunch date at one of our go-to spots in the neighborhood- The Meatball Shop. Since we were already celebrating lunch time and the end of winter we decided to have a couple cocktails and make some friends. Well, one thing led to another and some secrets started to slip…

Just kidding- I'm insanely nosy and asked a million questions, but either way it turns out that all of the bread they use is from Il Forno Bakery! Right across the Bronx River from where I was born near Castle Hill. Now, I have always always been told that the best bread comes from the Bronx (they say it's something about the water) and while the people sharing this information may be a little biased, I swear once you have some you will totally agree. After hearing this we decided to order some sliders (because sipping Vodka at 12pm can definitely get a little hairy) and found out that all of the beef is also locally sourced from small farms in Pennsylvania.

So much positive information in such a short amount of time- by the end of the meal our casual lunch date had turned into a crash course in ethical eating. How funny to think I've been coming here for years and had no idea they were so environmentally conscious. Pretty fucking rad.

So, here's to good food, great dates and truly amazing neighbors. Cue in our babe Charlotte to tell you more about the much appreciated Moscow Mules they whipped up for us ;-)

<3 Ash

p.s. If sustainable development and responsibly sourced meats are topics that tickle your fancy, The Meatball Shop is currently in the business of slinging books as well as sliders. They've got an entire chapter in The Carnivore's Manifesto and have even partnered up with Heritage Foods USA to get their pork from farmers who vow against growth hormones AND practice fair labor. Just sayin…

P.P.S! Whatever meatballs you get, try them with pesto- it's my favorite.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, I’ve found my match - the Lunch Lady and the Saucer, together forever, in food and drink matrimony. A 1940’s cocktail seemed fitting to celebrate, and Moscow Mules in copper mugs ensued. The reason for the mug is this: copper conducts temperature really well, keeping your drink extra cold (~metal geek knowledge~) and the handle keeps your warm paws away. Here’s how The Meatball Shop does theirs:

11⁄2 oz Brooklyn Republic vodka
1⁄4 oz lime juice
3 oz Regatta ginger beer

Combine vodka and lime juice in copper mug, add ice and top with ginger beer. Squeeze with lime wedge and serve.


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