What We're Giving: Rony

Rony is keeping her recipients anonymous so as to not give away the surprise, but her top picks do reveal that she leans towards tiny things in pretty packaging. 

I give Egyptian Magic to all of my friends over 35 because it's all natural and truly good for any skin type. 

Aster & Bay Cleansing Oil is is a rich blend of nourishing oils at only $28 a bottle. It's one of my favorite new beauty finds. 

The Sleeping Beauty Ring is just the right amount of sparkle - you can't really go wrong with gifting jewelry this classic and subtle. 

Goest Silent Films is a complex scent packed into a simple bottle. It also comes with a beautifully illustrated card that explains the different notes in just a few words. 

Continuing with my love of gifting tiny things, the new Marvis Gift Set includes two small tooth brushes. It's a great idea for anyone with a guest room. 

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