In the Studio with Ariel Dearie

Ariel Dearie easily has one of our favorite career hyphenations. She’s created towering headpieces for Dior and bucolic fantasy backdrops for VOGUE, but her twisting, overgrown floral designs also have a very real life presence among Brooklyn locals who see her magic up close and (wildly) contained in tiny jars and bouquets. Walking by the street-front windows of her South Williamsburg studio space on any given day, you’ll find amnesia rose, anemone, and ranunculus among piled antique brass and silver vessels reminiscent of a topsy-turvy Persian tea.

So what’s the hyphen to master florist? Ariel’s second calling is, in a way, a natural extension of Ariel Dearie Flowers. As a compliment to her botanical work, Ariel began developed apothecary in 2013. Royal Botanicals started with three signature bath soaks that capture the aromatherapeutic properties in natural elements. She continues to small batch the crystals herself, bottling them in deep amber glass with spherical stoppers. 

We scooped up her bath line soon after its debut, along with Marlow and Sons and The NoMad Hotel. But when this didn’t quite satisfy our girl crush, it came time to make something special with Ariel, tapping into our collective love of all things rose. Released today in our storefront and online, Thousand Rose Bath Soak is an Ariel Dearie x Catbird exclusive. “We worked with Leigh and discussed what scent characteristics the Catbird girls love most,” explains Ariel of the starting point. “We knew we wanted to do something with roses and worked to create a blend that was powdery and feminine yet also had a warm and woodsy quality to it.”

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Lush overflow with Japanese Ranunculus
"When we were looking for a new studio space, natural light was the highest on the list." 
Ariel's collection of antique brass, a signature accompaniment to many of her designs.
Two Henris: Ariel cites the influence of Matisse and Fantin-Latour in her work

Scoop two to three tablespoons of Thousand Rose into a warm bath for a moooost soothing soak. Velvet Underground record and a glass of wine optional, but highly recommended.


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