What We're Giving: Catherine

Catherine is our graphic design extraordinaire, the Catbirdette behind everything from the direction of our latest look book (Off Duty Ballerina!) to that killer neon sign in the Catbird Wedding Annex. Kind of an obvious statement for me to say she has a great design sensibility, which is why I've been looking forward to peeking at her gift list!

I'm giving Rodin Lip Balm rings to my gal pals. I love finding gifts that strike that perfect balance between casual and fancy. The most refined lip balm in a pretty kitsch container hits the mark.

The Swan Ring is for my mom. As a Catbirdette who joined the team this year, I'm so excited to be a part of our ten year celebration, which almost everyone here worked on! My mom also collects unique pieces of jewelry from all over the world, but she doesn't own a swan from Brooklyn (yet).

For my fiancĂ©, the Equilateral Nails (and an appointment to the Wedding Annex. Haha). The nails are made by my friends at Winsome Brave, and are perfect for the apartment sprucing we're planning for the new year. 

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