What We’re Giving: Josephine

Our bows and boxes and tissue are flying through the Cat Cave as the holiday season gets underway. While we’ve been plenty busy prepping the very first batch of holiday deliveries for the early birds, there’s still the matter of our own lists. As purveyors of the sparkliest jewels and overall delightful finds, we take gift-giving seriously around here. Over the next few weeks, we'll share our personal picks with you in hopes of spreading a little gifting inspiration. Because let’s face it, we all have the one who stumps us every year with their discerning eye and darn poker face. 

Kicking off What We’re Giving is Josephine, whose taste in nail polish and baked goods I already hold in high esteem. 

Formulary Bath Bars are my favorite add-on gift because the packaging is so pretty that you can just tie it into the giant bow of an already wrapped gift. My favorite scent is Bonjour Monsieur, a smoke and citrus blend (even the guys love it!). 

A Threadbare is going to all my lady friends. It’s subtle and classic and opening a box with one tucked inside has never been met with anything but sheer excitement.

My sister is getting The 14k Yellow Gold Changeling Necklace because it’s fancy and she deserves it. 

Ghost Rose Solid Perfume is another add-on gift for all the ladies in my life. It’s ultra-moisturizing and even though scents sometimes feel too personal to gift, this one layers really well with other fragrances to create a signature scent. 

RGB Haze is long lasting and the loveliest smokey violet hue. I'm giving it to my BFF who loves a good beauty upgrade. 

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