Lunch Lady: Fashionably Late?!?

Between Fashion's Night Out (thanks to everyone who came and drank champagne with me!) and getting THE FLUUUUUU (I could only eat tea and broth for a whole week! Something I wouldn't even dream of wishing on my worst ex-boyfriend) I have really fallen behind on my posts :-( Sorry guys!! But I'm back! And like any classy lady recovering from a serious illness and an overdose of Netflix (mainly just Buffy and Breaking Bad) I'm vegging out on biscuits and fried chicken at Pies N' Thighs.

Our good friend and Honorary Bird* Dez works there and said I should get the Fried Chicken Box with a salad as the side soooo that's what I got! And that's what I ate! And it was delicious! The End. 

Just kidding! The salad had a lot of radish in it which I was really happy about and the chicken was just really really good fried chicken. Better than some other places that claim to have the best fried chicken in Brooklyn so, yeah I'd recommend getting it as soon as humanly possible.

And as for my little asterisk* upstairs... Keep an eye out for Coco's new post on Honorary Birds- the talented memory ring-clad people we love and where to find them!!!

See you next week, I promise!
<3 Ash

P.s. Here's something to remember me by ;-)

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