Lunch Lady: Renovation! :-)

We're gettin' all gussied up!!! We're shellacking our nails, painting our lips and slapping on a fresh pair of underthings just for you ;-) We even kissed the sign we made just so you won't miss us too bad while we're busy getting beautiful. BUT a girl's still gotta eat- and everyone knows how shamelessly obsessed every Catbird is with La Nonna. We even had a not-so-mild panic attack when we realized they were going to be closed for our outing at Gutter the other day. Anyway, we were resourceful and we survived I guess but it was a serious struggle.

So, this week while we're in the midst of polishing and tagging and dodging drills, the amazing pizza place down the block is going to get a lot of business (we are never taking them for granted ever ever ever again) from the lovely ladies spending their days at 219 Bedford.

To ring in the renovation madness we all decided the best way to go was the ever popular Pizza Rustica. You've probably seen it plastered all over our Instagram but we just can't help ourselves <3  It's their classic crust with Fresh Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella & Really Fresh Arugula. It's a good choice if you want something more than just plain pizza but nothing too crazy.

And as with any good place to eat/drink in Williamsburg you'll probably have to wait in line behind a handful of Birdettes, but not to worry- we don't bite :-)

<3 Ash

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