Lunch Lady: Date!

I'm not sure what it is about this place but every time I come here it's full of people on dates. This time I spotted two Man Dates (if you don't know what this is then you should watch I Love You Man) and I was on a date with Correy <3 our resident PR Catbird and Lipstick enthusiast :-)

Maybe it's the way it's set up- small tables lining the walls and front window, maybe it's the amazing artwork or their awesome backyard (some of the seats are colorful milk crates with wooden slats screwed onto the top- a really good idea if you need inexpensive seating for your own outdoor space) or maybe it's the super friendly staff... I have no idea, but I always have a really really great time at Caracas.

Something about it is always really fun even when it's only you and five other people in the entire place. Anyway enough about our love affair, here's what I ate...

I've been here a million times and this time I realized there was only one Arepa I hadn't tried- the Sureña. It has grilled chicken, chorizo, avocado and their special Chimi Churri sauce that they even sell bottled at the restaurant because it's that good. It was early enough for the lunch special so it came with a fresh delicious salad that had Hearts of Palm in it (true to form, I had no idea what they were but ate them anyway and asked the waitress later). We also got the Tequeños- fried cheese sticks wrapped in slightly sweet dough that obviously ^ went very fast ;-)

All in all it was a really filling, really cheap lunch and I think I just might have it again today!

<3 Ash
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