Lunch Lady: POWER LUNCH à la Gordon Gekko

You would never guess in a million years that a place with a cutesy name like Roebling Tea Room would serve an amazing Steak Tartare... but they do! It comes with fried chickpeas, Kewpie* and capers. And there's so much of it I had to ask for more bread.

Now, you obviously don't HAVE to eat it with bread but something about chowing down on raw meat with just a fork felt a little uncivilized (not that tearing through italian bread made me look any better). But hey, if you're feeling particularly ravenous just dig in- it's really good on it's own. And in my simple brain this dish (sans bread, duh) is the perfect cure to that Gluten Intolerance thing all of my friends are currently suffering from. BUT don't leave out the lemon! It makes everything ten times better.

* about that Kewpie thing- Kewpie is apparently a very popular brand of mayonnaise in Japan. It's made with egg yolks and all that and features a tiny red Kewpie Doll on the front- wings and all. Why?! Who knows. I did not know of this beloved product when I ordered my lunch so once the food arrived I sat there for a minute or two and tried to figure out what the hell on my plate was supposed to be a Kewpie. So, yeah. Turns out it's just mayo :)


<3 Ash
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