Lunch Lady: Eat Me

Best decision of the day: Crif Dogs on Driggs Ave! I had a Crif Dog with mustard, avocado, sauteed onions and diced tomato. Right after I ordered I realized I had no idea what it was going to taste like since I picked things at random BUT I happen to be a genius and it was great :) Being there kind of reminded me of camp when I was little and we would all pool our lunches together to make the weirdest sandwiches possible- I don't think I'll ever want a peanut butter & bologna sandwich again but it was fun at the time. I can definitely see someone getting carried away here though (they've got 20+ toppings including pineapple and egg) and I know I probably will a handful of times this summer just to see what I can come up with.

Did I mention this place is perfect for hungry nerds to geek out over Star Wars action figures??? Plus the people working there are awesome and you get to stuff your face on top of a Ms. Pac-Man game.

Next time I'll make sure to go there hungry- it was absolutely no coincidence that once I decided to give up on my chili cheese tots (better than great) I noticed GAME OVER flashing under my paper plate. Guess I'll just have to learn how to pick my battles!

<3 Ash
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