Lunch Lady: Surf's Up on Metropolitan!

Hey babe, it's Wednesday! Here's what I ate! The Balmy at Saltie is hands down the best take on a Bánh Mì that I have ever had. I paired it with the Lavender Shortbread Cookie (because it's shaped like a cute whale... duh) and the Turmeric Tonic (because I had no idea what that was) and everything was perfect :-) Last summer I took a little trip to Nantucket and have been pining for that weekend to repeat itself. Today, being at Saltie definitely brought me back...for the 10.5 seconds it took my sister and I to devour this delicious beast. This place is a foolproof lunch spot for summer!

p.s. if you're a native New Yorker don't try to pull off any surf lingo no matter how much you're enjoying your bitchin' lunch- you'll just sound like a Ninja Turtle and your co-workers will laugh at with you.

<3 Ash

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