Nan the Tan

In comes Nan on a Tuesday in July or a Saturday in February looking like she stepped off a Mediterranean beach, took a left turn and ended up on Bedford Avenue. She is always glowing and sun-kissed, which is admittedly sometimes hard to bear when you're feeling your paleness is verging on translucency. Aha, ahem, tiny violin has been shuttered back in it's case, and we return to Nan the Tan and the casual, "Who me? I'd wear these on Capri!" style she brought in this morning around her neck and on her ears. Come, come, let's sit by the light of Nan and her jewels and summon the spirit of Midas and his golden touch. We finally put our absolute staples, her tiny dot studs in silver, yellow gold and rose gold up online. They would've been online sooner but Nan wretchedly told me about an interiors blog called Moon to Moon and off I go, down the crystal and spider-plant laden rabbit hole.
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