Jewelery internship!

Hey, hey, hey. So here's how things go around here. We get an idea, a notion, and then we turn to our metal-heads and bat our lashes until they morph our idea, our notion into reality. Turns out, building jewelry is like being an architect, but instead of drywall, your medium is gold (so much shinier) so we're really lucky to have a team of amazing jewelers.

Maggie Stevenson, one of the amazing jewelers who produces our store line (someone's got to make all those teeny tiny letters!), is looking for an intern in her studio. Here's what she's got to say for herself:

Preferably applicants should have basic metalsmithing skills including soldering, filing, sawing, polishing, etc., as well as basic organization. Computer and camera skills a plus. Maggie is willing to train the right person if lacking in any of these skills as being trustworthy and a quick learner is the most important.

The internship will provide a knowledge of running a company involving hand-making large quantities of small pieces in a timely manner, as well as experience with inventory-management, invoicing, etc.

Applicants must be able to commit to working at least a day a week now through the Christmas season. Compensation includes learning a wide array of skills as well as transportation and lunch, school credit is a possibility depending on your institution.

Please send a cover letter including what you are wanting to gain from an internship along with a resume to:
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