I just got an email from the lovely Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown - her sister's home burned down to the ground this weekend. I cannot imagine. Luckily everyone was safe. Kim drew this drawing and is selling it on her site. All proceeds go to helping her family piece their life back together. It's only $50, with free shipping. Her work is amazing - you will cherish the print forever, and you'll be helping someone out. Get one for yourself, and a few for your friends, HERE. Pass it on.

I began working on this drawing on January 27th, immediately after I heard the news that my sister Julie's home had burned down to the ground. The old farmhouse had been in her fiancee's family for many years, and thankfully she and Robby got out of it safely. Though they have each other, they have no material possessions to their name. All proceeds from this product will go directly to Julie and Robby's paypal account, and they can start piecing their life back together one print at a time. We've thrown in free shipping too. I promise you'll feel good about being part of this project.
- with thanks, Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown

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