Renegade Round Up

So many of the designers at Catbird show at Renegade that I just shmooz my way through the crowds, saying Hi to people I mostly email with. It's loads of fun.

Margaux of Black Spot Books had such an awesome, well thought out booth. And her husband was wearing a leather apron! The book necklaces are back in stock now at the store, soon on line. 

Eva & Kirk of Sycamore Street Press, maxing and relaxing.

Rebekah of Flotsam & Jetsam in her beautiful booth, with her beautiful work.

Clearly Catbird should be carrying these soaps.

Erica Bradbury of Species by the Thousands and her awesome new kids shirts. I got a shark one for one of my littles and it is the new favorite. They will soon be at Catbird.

Jordan from Enormous Champion, and their new Brooklyn onesies which will be at Catbird in a hot minute.

I finally bought myself a crocheted necklace from Wren Handmade, whose booth I always visit.

I got to meet Liza from Morris & Essex whose cards we have carried before and now that she has left her BREATHTAKING house in Argentina and is now in Maine, we will be carrying them again.

Just your garden variety wackadoodle marching band.

Leigh shared a booth with Robin (below) and showed her moody and beautiful Jezebel wares.

Robin from Bittersweets basked in the blazing sun with her bad-ass baby clothes and even badder-ass jewelry.

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