Ye olde wacko books.

Ah, so you like your books weird and old-timey? Well good citizen, here you go.

Old Aunt Elspa's book is for those who...

call children "chubbies", don't care to
differentiate between F's and S's...

and like to confuse, and slightly frighten
said Chubbies as they learn to read.

This itty bitty pocket book is useful when you need
to send a specific message to someone via flowers.

Need to let someone know you would like to be buried in the woods?
Well, obviously just send a persimmon. What could be clearer?
And everyone knows that nothing expresses indifference
like a beautiful bouquet of Pigeon Berries.

This beautiful hard cover book houses such classics as...

"The Fox and the Visor Mask". Loved by all.

All books are 19th and 20th century reprints from the UK. From $8 - $40.
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