hats off.

(the pics below and above are of the same, reversible hat.)
I love hats. A hat done right, makes everything better. Hides bad hair, frames the face, snazzes up a boring outfit. I am positively certain that hats are magical and can make you feel better. In fact, I like to wear a hat right after I wash my hair - we call this "cookin' it in a hat" - to ensure a fine, matted look, straight outta the shower. So, all that translates into me buying LOTS of hats for the store. Many styles, purposes and price ranges.

One of my favorites is Tsuyumi hats. They are all made by hand and each hat displays "a flair for controlled exuberance". (yes, that line is stolen from her bio.) They are just too great. We started Spring trade shows yesterday and placed a big order with her for spring (very Gatsby). Above are some favorites from her that are in the store right now. (The fur one is my favorite, and it is reversible.) (note: it is FAKE FUR. should have specified this earlier.)

Also in the store right now are beautiful, simple, undyed cashmere winter hats that we could not keep in stock last year. (We also have them in black this year.) They are in and we sold a bunch this 90ยบ weekend. And Christy's of London (who have been around since 1773!) is in too. Super styley, amazing quality, old world fedoras at prices that seem to have stayed the same since 1773.

Coming very soon, the huge, great Mischa Lampert hats - available at Barneys for three times the price. Sheesh Barneys. Try not to be so greedy!
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