new stuff!

We were sooooo smart this year and the items coming in are just right for late summer/early fall. Are you ready for huge bulky coats and sweaters right now? Neither am I. But how about these amaaaaazing, sheer, thin cashmere leggings? I mean really, in this age of gilded lilies, why on earth are you not wearing cashmere leggings?

This Saja dress - and this general trend - is blogged about rather eloquently here. It is gorgeous, refined and cool - and surprisingly easy to wear. Much easier to wear than you are probably thinking right now.

Okay. Look. This dress by T Lux -in the window right now - has a modern ROOSTER print. Yeah. You heard me. Roosters. It's being worn by our lovely armless model with a great, cardigan vest by LAMade, who, lucky for us, ventured into the world of extremely affordable sweaters. Featured in the foreground is quite the jaunty fedora. Seriously, there is no reason you should not be stylin' to the max this Fall.
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