I spent as much time at the gift show as I could muster. Generally speaking, it's not my favorite hunting ground, seeing how the rest of the universe hunts there too. That said, it is great fun to troll through the aisles of schlock and find a quiet booth that no one is visiting with interesting and exciting wares. Such a treasure hunt, that show.

What did I buy, you ask?

- some crazy intricate Afghani necklaces that I wish I had taken pictures of so I can look at them when I'm feeling crabby
- cool leather pouches with great brass hardware to attach to your belt (kinda horsey, really cool)
- lots of cashmere (hats, scarves, gloves, shawls...)
- so so so many crazy fun and cool christmas ornaments. that was a blast.
- gorgeous hand made soaps wrapped in beautiful paper
- new cards (i love buying cards)
- a HUGE John Derian order, that i placed with John Derian himself. I was awkwardly star struck. the new stuff is so amazingly great. my favorite is a new series of pastries on a turquoise background.

plus tons more...

It's all exciting and makes me pine for winter (ha!), which feels imminent these days. It's a cruel trick though. I know.
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