fall. but just a little.

Fall stuff has started coming in and we are excited! Summer, it was nice knowing ya but we're done, thanks. No offense. We try our darnedest to push it so Fall stuff comes in as late as possible (this is actually really hard as the seasons dictated by the fashion industry have little relation to the weather outside - for example, according to clothes, Spring starts in January). The Rite Aid on my corner was proudly showing candy corn - CANDY CORN!! - at the end of July! We don't roll like that.

Anyway - the stuff coming in you could easily wear right now and keep wearing into Fall. Por ejemplo:

Super sweet silk blouse by Penguin. You could wear it now or layered when it gets cooler. (When is that again?)

You'll have to trust me on this, but the print on this top is FOXES. That's right. For extra foxiness. In case anyone had any doubts.

More stuff coming in regularly. Stay tuned.
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