A rambling way to say I really like this toner.

I am awfully fond of:
1. toners
2. roses
3. French Girl Organics

Ergo, a rosewater toner by French Girl with the added benefits of hyaluronic acids (excellent for plumping the skin, NB I am only interested in plumping my face skin), is a toner for me...for us! Mist all over the face (after cleansing, if you inclined to double cleanse, sometimes I am, sometimes not), pat dry with a washcloth (or cotton, but a stack of small white washcloths is very nice, even if you, like me, do not have a linen closet, but rather a drawer where such things are folded in a very satisfying and usual way), and follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer (Shiva Rose Glow Balm is the Catbird favorite).  A good rule of thumb for slathering stuff on your face is light to heavy, texture wise. I also really like the smaller size (2 oz) because it's nice to try things for long enough that you can tell if you really like it, but not so long that you lose the romance and get bored and neglect your face.


French Girl Floral Toner, $18 at Catbird and catbirdnyc.com

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