Life Lessons: Roller skating

This past rainy weekend my ten year old and I went roller skating at the extremely fun Brooklyn Bridge Park roller skating rink. (Highly recommended for tourists and residents alike.) She has skated before so I was surprised to see her clutching the wall and only looking down at her feet - a slow, measured clomp.

I immediately turned into her coach. “Look up - face where you're going and you'll get there! Don’t be afraid to fall down! You can’t skate if you are only thinking of falling!” On and on...

And, since I am not only her mother and roller skating coach, but also her de facto life coach - I was really hoping she would absorb my wonderful skating lessons as wonderful life lessons.

Look up, everyone! A laser focus on your goals can get you there! If you only think about failing/falling, you will not move forward!

Who knew?

- Rony

PS Fun fact: When I was little I was absolutely positive I started the 80s roller skating craze.

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