Girl Crush: Mickey

In the Judd Apatow produced Netflix series Love, Mickey, played by Gillian Jacobs, is just about everything you could ever want in a bad-girl crush. She's impulsive, irreverent, hot boxes in her car to get her cheeseburger to taste up to its full potential, and jumps off of roofs into pools (in the style of Almost Famous). Ok, so she is a total mess, but a really cool mess.

Once I started watching the series I couldn't stop and binged through the whole thing in 4 days. Don't judge, I was also stuck on the sofa with the flu! The show takes place in sunny LA, shedding a humorous, realistic light on the pains of the dating world. You should give it a watch, even if only for ensemble ideas from Mickey. 

A few of my favorites...

Pulling an all-nighter in her bathing suit, jeans and flannel.

Taking a bus to Chinatown with Andy Dick in a varsity jacket layered over a denim vest.
Cleaning house in work overalls.
At a party in a cropped camo jacket.

At a magic show in a sparkly slip + no bra.
Pouting in a fuzzy sweater.

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