Catbird Neighborhood Favs: Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery's Insulated Dark Lager - Photo: Samantha Niedospial 
I've walked past Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg a handful of times but it never occurred to me to go in. Thanks to a visiting friend I went on a recent Saturday afternoon and appreciated the brewery's existence in my neighborhood.

During my visit I met Hayes Peebles, a tour guide. I interviewed him after attending his free weekend tour where his buoyant humor plays a role in telling the brewery's story. Peebles explained that with every guide you gain a different experience of the brewery's history and brew process, but also a better understanding of the personalities involvedthat of a comedian, beer expert, and brewer.

The Tasting room - Photo: Samantha Niedospial
The brewery began when founder Steve Hindy received a home brewing kit. I asked Peebles about his experience home brewing; the process for ales are easier to create at home than lagers. The yeast in lagers need to be set at colder temperatures for about 4-5 weeks. I contemplated giving it a go, sacrificing my refrigerator space and rent money on equipment. At this moment I've decided to leave it to the experts.

Brooklyn Brewery is a historical part of Williamsburg, having been here for over 25 years. It brought breweries back to a neighborhood where they used to thrive. It's become a staple that both visitors and locals can enjoy in learning about beer. 

Want to feel like a tourist for the day? Then take the free tour on the weekends or for those feeling more ambitious, take the extended version on the weekdays, which includes four beer tastings and the tour for $15. If you are looking for a spot to soak in natural light within an industrial setting, I'd recommend the tasting room.

Good to know: During the summer months they sell their Summer Ale in tallboy cans.

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