Catbird Neighborhood Favs: Cheese Grotto

Imagine on a cold winter night when all you want to do is snuggle up on the couch with a hot toddy and a warm blanket watching endless Neflix you instead decide to attend a cheesemaking workshop. Now you might ask I enjoy eating cheese, but can I enjoy making it? I asked myself this question as I dragged my stiff legs into jeans and threw my oversized fleece-lined coat on. I've attempted making cheese on multiple occasions and have always failed. I was very doubtful that I would have success at this workshop, but kept up hope since it allowed for me to get my mind and body off of my couch.

Jessica Sennett, the president of Cheese Grotto, does a fantastic job of entertaining you during and after the workshop. She teaches you how to make a quick and easy cheese such as ricotta and ends with gifting you a delicious brick of cheese salted with spices of your choosing. If your mouth doesn't water from the smell of the cheese it sure will by the taste. 

Jessica teaches a fellow cheesemaker student

Cheese Grotto offers workshops all around Brooklyn, but has a home stop at 61 Local in Cobble Hill where they also offer coursed dinners. They have cheese and cocktail pairings at Industry City Distillery for those residing near or in Sunset Park. Get up and go outside (of your couch) this winter and explore with a cheesemaking workshop. The workshop turned out to be a success for me and helped me to cure some of my winter blues.

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