Meet a Kitten; Jasmine W

In this week's edition of Meet a Kitten, we step into the Bed-stuy loft of Jasmine. When Jasmine isn't at the Catbird storefront, she's working out of her home studio to make the most beautiful and intricately hand-dyed silks. 

Upon first entering, Jasmine's cat, Simon Guacamole, greets me at the door. He seems to be fixated on striking poses with the feline themed cards from The Wild Unknown tarot deck. I guess he knows they share his kindred spirits. 

Jasmine tells me that she shares the space with two roommates, one of whom has built a fish and turtle pond which trickles like a fountain underneath a converted tree house (that's right, an actual tree house). We pass through her work area filled with colorful fabric and textile tools, stopping to get a closer look at her work. Then Jasmine, who is wearing a shirt that she hand dyed herself, leads me towards her room which is a treasure trove of sparkling tchotchkes as well as vintage and handmade silks that hang from the wall and ceilings. There are white and gold porcelain unicorns, soft glistening miniature conch seashells, a string of white lights and beauty products by Kypris, Belmacs, and Ilia.

Job Title: Sales Associate
Length of Time at Catbird: 6 months
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Astrological Sign: Double Leo, Pisces Moon
Current song/album that you have on repeat: Song: Jasmine by Jai Paul (narcissistic I know, but it's a great subway wake-up song!) 
Album: The Moon Rang Like A Bell by Hundred Waters
Most vivid childhood memory: Getting yelled at in the mall because I crawled into the window to see if a fern was real. It was fake!
Hidden Talent: It's a secret!
What are you reading?:  Currently attempting Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs
Favorite film: It's a toss-up between Children of Men and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet, both feature great Radiohead songs
Most visited/fav neighborhood hangout: Doris in Bed-stuy, I'm a sucker for good lighting!
Coolest Dream you've ever had: That my whole family was magical
Most valued object: A leather journal of quotes and poems that my dad collected when he was younger

Jasmine's line is called OrjasmicFabric, check it out!


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