Kittens and kittens.

BriaAnne Wills
Steph, who you've probably seen being smiley at the Catbird storefront, was featured recently on a Tumblr we're very excited to learn exists. 

Girls and Their Cats is a project by BriAnne Wills. A new photographer to the city, Brianne was working on a nude series when one of her models brought her cat along. The feline visitor prompted the idea of photographing girls in the city with their cats. Babes and kittens, universally likable and of interest. 

This is Steph above, with her rescue cats Simon and Oliver. Simon and Steph met in a suburban backyard in Michigan. Steph was on tour with her band in Philly when she came across Oliver. For that story, you'll need to ask her!

BriAnne recently shifted her original Tumblr content over to Instagram. You can now follow the ongoing series @girlsandtheircats 


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