Book Club: Furious Love

The birdettes at the store recently started a book club since it is officially too cold to sit on our stoops and drink salty dogs. Instead we are going to gather in one our tiny apartments, talk about literature, and drink a hot toddy or three.

Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and The Marriage of the Century is going to be my next suggestion for our little club. Our obsession with Elizabeth Taylor is pretty obvious and the drama and romance surrounding her on again off again affair with Richard Burton is addicting. Read the letter he wrote her after their first separation below and try not to agree with me....

June 25, 1973

So My Lumps, 

You're off, by God! 

I can barely believe it since I am so unaccustomed to anybody leaving me. But reflectively I wonder why nobody did so before. All I care about—honest to God—is that you are happy and I don't much care who you'll find happiness with. I mean as long as he's a friendly bloke and treats you nice and kind. If he doesn't I'll come at him with a hammer and clinker. God's eye may be on the sparrow but my eye will always be on you. Never forget your strange virtues. Never forget that underneath that veneer of raucous language is a remarkable and puritanical LADY. I am a smashing bore and why you've stuck by me so long is an indication of your loyalty. I shall miss you with passion and wild regret. 

You may rest assured that I will not have affairs with any other female. I shall gloom a lot and stare morosely into unimaginable distances and act a bit—probably on the stage—to keep me in booze and butter, but chiefly and above all I shall write. Not about you, I hasten to add. No Millerinski Me, with a double M. There are many other and ludicrous and human comedies to constitute my shroud. 

I'll leave it to you to announce the parting of the ways while I shall never say or write one word except this valedictory note to you. Try and look after yourself. Much love. Don't forget that you are probably the greatest actress in the world. I wish I could borrow a minute portion of your passion and commitment, but there you are—cold is cold as ice is ice.

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